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Who are oTMS clients:

oTMS clients are large and medium manufacturers, retailers and 3rd party logistics providers that run complex, multi-site, multi-carrier and often multi-country transportation networks for both outbound (distribution logistics) and inbound shipments. These involve multiple B2B and B2C sales channels and corresponding transport modes, with volumes ranging from thousands to millions of shipments per month.

Most of our customers implement TMS for the first time, which creates unique challenges and opportunities to digitize legacy, mostly manual transport processes spanning across multiple parties involving shippers, 3PLs, carriers, drivers and consignees.

  • DSV is a global transportation and logistics service provider with offices and facilities in over 90 countries on six continents, providing and operating supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day. DSV China has been a key customer of oTMS for many years

  • New Balance was founded in 1906. New Balance’s purpose is to empower people through sport and craftsmanship to create positive change in communities around the world. New Balance continues to bring to market quality athletic leisure products marrying comfort and style. Since its entrance into the Chinese market, New Balance has become one of the most popular sporting brands in China.

  • Wyeth Nutrition has pioneered infant and young child nutrition since 1915, consistently delivering scientifically-advanced nutrition & personalized solutions for pregnant women, infants and young kids. Wyeth infant formula milk powder entered Chinese market back in mid-1980s and has developed into leading brand.

  • Mosaic is the world’s largest producer and marketer of phosphate fertilizer and the second largest fertilizer producer. It is also the only fertilizer company in the Fortune 500 with sales on five continents and plants in 17 countries.

  • Lesaffre group, a 160-year-old French family group based in Northern France has now become a multi-national and a multicultural company that is committed to providing the best in each of its business areas: baking, nutrition and health, flavours and fermentation.

  • Würth Group currently consists of over 400 companies in more than 80 countries and has over 78,500 employees. According to the Financial Statement, the Würth Group generated total sales of EUR 14.2 billion in year of 2019. The product range for craft and industry comprises over 125,000 products.

  • Established in 1668, Merck has roughly 350 years of history and is headquartered in Germany. The Group mainly focuses its efforts on innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology, and material technologies with forward-looking applications. Merk applies oTMS transport management system to improve its logistics visibility.

  • Clarios (a subsidiary of Brookfield Business Partners) is the leading advanced automotive battery solutions with one-third of the vehicles powered by Clarios batteries worldwide. Clarios has a mission to create the world’s best batteries, essential for the evolving future of transportation.

  • Founded in 2012, Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd (Foton Daimler) is a joint venture that marries European cutting-edge production technology with Chinese manufacturing prowess and China’s growing need for state-of-the-art heavy commercial vehicles. Foton Daimler has nationwide sales and service coverage throughout China with more than 1.2 million users, 800 dealers and 2,000 accessories stores.

Why implement oTMS

Our clients’ expectations and project objectives typically include:

  • Simplify, automate, and accelerate data flow between multiple parties in transportation chain, increase data quality and quantity while reducing routine workload

  • Improve shipment visibility for internal and external parties leading to a better customer service experience and brand value creation

  • Improve carrier performance metrics leading to higher service levels

  • Reduce freight cost and delivery lead-times with multiple shipment optimization and carrier allocation strategies

  • Reduce freight cost with tactical procurement optimization incl on-line sourcing and cost simulation tools

  • Manage freight cost with accurate, automated system billing and cost allocations that also reduces time and workload of monthly reconciliation

  • Improve overall supply chain management with comprehensive BI analytics

What are key oneTMS functionalities:

  • Integration
  • Management
  • Optimization
  • Additional Module
  • Order and shipment management & execution incl. API integrations with upstream systems such as ERP, WMS, OMS, E-commerce platforms with different degrees of automation

  • Shipper, carrier, driver, consignee multi-tier connectivity via multiple methods such as oTMS browser and mobile apps, API, IoT, 3rd party RTV integrations

  • Digital POD incl. paperless handover achieved via Android iOS and WeChat apps as well as APIs with client systems such as POS and WMS

  • Enterprise level connectivity with 35 open APIs

  • Real-time transport visibility for road, express, air and ocean modes achieved through multiple means suitable to specific scenarios and use cases incl. temperature control monitoring and management

  • Comprehensive transport exceptions management

  • Freight cost management including freight tariff and freight billing and FAP (freight audit and pay) functionality

  • Transport planning and optimization incl. tactical and daily execution level

  • BI analytics incl. Microsoft PowerBI, QlickView and data API

  • Dock scheduling and appointment system

  • Parcel management system with e-commerce and express carrier pre-integrations

  • Freight procurement with periodical RFQ and spot bidding options including cost scenario analysis

  • Hybrid and private cloud deployments with client dedicated functionality and modules such as complex order intake and planning middleware etc.

oTMS deployments include multiple transportation scenarios and complex use cases as expected by large customers from enterprise software solutions.

What are unique differentiators:

oTMS was designed from scratch to meet unique challenges of fast growing yet complex transport markets like China. With vast geography and huge number and variety of carriers successful TMS deployments have to tackle multi-layer outsourcing in particular for road LTL shipments to achieve effective end to end shipment execution with sufficient visibility both of service levels and freight cost.

Watch the video to learn more about oTMS design concept >>

  • Traditional TMS

    is originally designed
    as “four-walls” internal systems.

  • oTMS

    is built natively on the cloud with single workflow connecting and spanning across all the parties in the transport chain, like the blockchain concept.

  • Tech Startups

    often focus on specific challenge not addressed in the mature markets by incumbent TMS players, such as real-time visibility, carrier spot bidding or e-commerce parcel manifesting.

  • oTMS

    is a full-scope TMS suitable to work as stand-alone solution for Fortune500 size companies or can also integrate only specific functions complementary to their global TMS deployments such as OTM, SAP TM etc.

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