Lesaffre Group


Lesaffre Group

Client Introduction

Lesaffre group, a 160-year-old French family group based in Northern France has now become a multi-national and a multicultural company that is committed to providing the best in each of its business areas: baking, nutrition and health, flavours and fermentation. Lesaffre started its business in China over 30 years ago. Beyond yeast and bread improvers, Lesaffre offers a full range of products and services related to nutrition and health: yeast extracts for food savory and high performance nutrients for micro-organism and cell cultures, yeasts and other probiotics for human and animal nutrition, crop protection, yeasts for beer, wines, and renewable fuels, etc. Nowadays, one of three breads in the world is made with the yeast from Lesaffre. Lesaffre and oTMS have achieved nearly 20% savings in transportation costs in just 6 months.


oTMS Solution

oTMS TMS Solution
Lesaffre uses oneTMS transportation management system and Kaka APP to realize visual management of the entire transportation process, which includes product delivery, carrier/driver picking up, in-transit transport, goods receiving, and e-POD upload. The entire process is visible and traceable. Relying on the advantages of oTMS, Lesaffre can better obtain visual management and in-transit products monitoring. Besides, real-time issue reporting and alerting functions allow Lesaffre better dealing with exceptional issues during transportation. This is a management and monitoring of the complete life cycle of an order, which truly realizes “management on one platform with full visibility”. Through the oTMS system, Lesaffre can also generate online billing with the carrier. This fast and convenient way of online freight reconciliation greatly reduces huge workload under traditional model (especially at the end of month).

oTMS Orange Solution
oTMS platform has accumulated many years of industry experience and successful cases. With big data technology, combined with professional services and strong capacity pool, oTMS’s transportation control tower services are becoming sophisticated.
In 2018, Lesaffre launched oneTMS to optimize transportation management. Due to the recognition of oTMS team’s management level and industry experience, Lesaffre decided to deepen cooperation in March and adopt Orange, a comprehensive transport outsourcing service. Orange adopts a mechanism of multiple carriers. Firstly, user set service performance criterion through oTMS system. Secondly, oTMS takes risks for customer. All contracts and invoices are signed and operated by oTMS. Based on historical data analysis, oTMS guarantees the lowest freight savings. Thirdly, oTMS uses oneTMS system to manage the transportation execution. Eventually, Orange achieved 19.2% transportation cost savings in just 6 months of operation and increased the service level at the same time.
oTMS continues cooperating with Lesaffre to create a transparent, efficient, safe and controllable food transportation safety system, helping Lesaffre to achieve performance growth with better and complete supply chain management.

丹麦绫致时装(Bestseller),在中国经营ONLY、Vero Moda、Selected和Jack Jones等服装品牌,业务量庞大。它于2013年1月成为服装行业吃螃蟹的人——采用中国创业公司oTMS提供的SaaS(软件即服务)服务,来管理自己的物流链条。

丹麦绫致时装(Bestseller),在中国经营ONLY、Vero Moda、Selected和Jack Jones等服装品牌,业务量庞大。它于2013年1月成为服装行业吃螃蟹的人——采用中国创业公司oTMS提供的SaaS(软件即服务)服务,来管理自己的物流链条。