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Foton Daimler has appointed oTMS as the Transport Management System (TMS) of choice to Digitalize its logistics operations.

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Foton Daimler, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers of quality heavy commercial vehicles is in partnership with oTMS to digitalize its logistics operation. oTMS will bring about efficiency and intelligence to the Foton Daimler parts distribution operation by providing end-to-end visibility and digitalized management of all its logistics service providers (LSPs). This initiative echoes Foton Daimler’s values to continuously improve its business and strive for customer experience excellence.

Founded in 2012, Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd (Foton Daimler) is a joint venture that marries European cutting-edge production technology with Chinese manufacturing prowess and China’s growing need for state-of-the-art heavy commercial vehicles. Foton Daimler has nationwide sales and service coverage throughout China with more than 1.2 million users, 800 dealers and 2,000 accessories stores. 

The oTMS x Foton Daimler partnership is for the parts logistics business unit. oTMS aims to solve two key pain points:

1. Foton Daimler’s is experiencing large volumes of parts transport orders, and the continuous volume growth poses a challenge for the Foton Daimler team to accurately monitor shipments manually. 

2. Foton Daimler’s nationwide distribution is complex with distribution from their CDC to multiple cross-dock locations. The multi-party (Foton Daimler, LSPs, Customers) and manual communication (Emails, Calls, WeChat) of shipment status creates inefficiencies in its ever-growing distribution operations. 

oTMS Solution and Impact

1. oTMS will provide connectivity by integrating with the Foton Daimler’s Production Management System (PMS) to automatically create transport orders ready for planning optimization and/or allocation to LSPs.

Impact: It ensures accurate information is disseminated to LSPs and their drivers, thereby increasing productivity. The 2-way integration closes the loop on all sales orders on the Foton Daimler PMS. 

2. oTMS will create all the workflows to automatically consolidate all LTL transport orders to ensure they are optimized and automatically allocate transport orders to LSPs based on the lanes they are awarded and/or most competitive rates and services.

Impact: Optimizing all the LTL transport orders and automatically allocating all transport orders to the right LSPs will bring about significant logistics cost savings, while at the same time streamlining communication between Foton Daimler and their LSPs.

3. oTMS will be able to provide real-time visibility (RTV) of all transport orders by equipping all drivers with the oTMS Driver App. All parties within the logistics chain will be able to receive RTV on all transport orders.

Impact: All parties are able to take prompt action based on shipment status and plan resources accordingly. Focusing on exception handling will help to close gaps and increase customer satisfaction.

4. oTMS will allow Foton Daimler’s customers to receive transport orders via sign-on-glass and leave remarks for all transport orders. 

Impact: ePOD will remove the need to process paper PODs. The POD information will be immediate and accurate. Foton Daimler’s customers can provide feedback on the delivery service. All these reason codes will be consolidated for Foton Daimler to have better performance conversations with their LSPs.

5. All logistics data collected via the oTMS platform will be displayed in a structured and meaningful manner on the oTMS dashboards and reports. 

Impact: Make better informed business decisions based on actual data collected. From ensuring your logistics setup is aligned with your distribution network, managing LSPs performance with the power of data and continuously improving by addressing gaps highlighted by your data. 

oTMS is excited to have Foton Daimler onboard our platform.