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• Management inefficiencies?

• Excessive customer complaints?


• Shippers constantly facing high costs?

• Carriers have problems finding high-quality bids?


• Need transport services, but don't know where to start?

• Experiencing operation and management bottlenecks?


• Lacking funds for expansion?

• Inadequate risk management practices?


Bestseller began working with oTMS in 2013, enabling the company to effectively keep logistics costs under control while undergoing rapid development and continuous expansion. Learning from Bestseller: How a Large Enterprise Handles Logistics Management?

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. is the third largest yeast company worldwide.By applying a logistics solution from oTMS, Angel Yeast’s logistics management was transformed from being isolated and having low access to information to becoming an integrated operation management system.

oTMS visualized transport project helps to establish a complete, centralized, and precise transport operation process under Merck’s integrated inventory model, and to build and promote an application system which would support Merck’s transport operation management in order to meet the company's operating needs in logistics management and maintain Merck’s ability to continue to expand the distribution of its products and generate greater profits.

Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd., has qualified for the global procurement systems of many international automotive companies, and offers outstanding products and services to international clients. Yanfeng Automotive began using the oTMS collaboration platform in 2015.

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