Pharmacy and chemical industry have always been the areas where human beings are striving to explore and have a profound impact on our lives. Because of its product and industry characteristics, it has higher standards in the production, storage, transportation and use. Among them, the transportation is the most difficult part of the whole chain due to the widest distribution and spaces, and the distribution of non-self-employed or even non-direct supplier personnel (secondary subcontracting) in other cities.

Learn how oTMS helps pharmaceutical and chemical companies shift their transportation management from weak to excellent.

Industry Insight

1. Must comply with industry standards , such as Good Supply Practice (GSP), Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals. Consequences of incompliance can be very severe as Chinese regulations framework becomes more mature and enforcement is getting easier with technologies at government disposal.

2. Most of manufacturers product lines include products that require temperature control and/or rates as hazardous goods requiring carriers to provide dangerous good licensed trucks and facilities.


3. Products need to be traceable throughout the whole supply chain from manufacturing to final point of sale. Manufacturers need to be able to recall specific production batch, sold via specific distributors, making inter-enterprise data exchange a key to success.

4. Importance of clear handover points for quality and liability reasons – ability to record actual delivery times and identity of receiving personnel.



oTMS Solution

oTMS Unique Value

1. Sales can acquire accurate real time data anytime

2. Full monitoring of orders in the way, the path, temperature, punctuality, loss of transit and other needs

3. Exception alerts greatly accelerate the response to (potentially) abnormal events

4. Continuous optimization, cost reduction and increasing efficiency

5 100% accurate freight billing can be confirmed within a single day.

6. Strengthen shipment control and carrier process compliance.

7. Route Optimization to take the cost, congestion, CO2 emissons out of the system

8. Outstanding expandability; can fully expand business area, business type, mode of transportation etc. with business growth

9. Effective data capture, in-depth data insight

10. Leading Business Intelligence tool

11. SaaS - low investment, high return, permanent free upgrades

Case Study



oTMS provides intelligent, innovative, and user-friendly designs which allow me to easily manage all of our logistics needs across China.

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Shanghai Pharmaceuticals

oTMS offers fast turnaround and integrates well with Flux WMS, which helps us better manage the transport process.

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Charles River

Improve internal and external customer satisfaction via effective transportation process control!

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Sinotrans Chemical

Achieving seamless upstream and downstream connection to improve services by SCIL to high-end clients.

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