The automotive and manufacturing industry has always been our focus.

oneTMS solution has the advantage of mature product, short implementation & low implementation risk. oneTMS covers integrated transportation management, covering inbound logistics, finished vehicles and aftersales service parts 2S/4S dealer delivery.

oneTMS  cloud architecture with fast rollout and access for all your partners is the best choice to help your digital transformation!

Industry insight

1. Strict lead time requirement

In the widely used JIT automotive and manufacturing industries, very low inventory of the entire chain often mean any disruptions in transport could have serious consequences such as out-of-stock of downstream and even line stoppage. Almost every logistics manager had an awful night’s sleep because of the missed delivery windows. While root causes  often arise not in transport itself  it helps to have clear accountability set for logistics providers. Therefore, an effective tracking, management and proactive alerts are welcomed by responsible logistics manages.

2. Complex freight billing

Unlike most consumer goods industries that use standard packaging and simple freight billing, there are many unique part containers & returnable packaging in the automotive and manufacturing industries. Because of different requirements,stacking patterns  and space occupation, different products in the same shipment can be billed differently. There are different modes of transportation i.e. multi-point delivery, simultaneous vehicle and LTL, milk run etc. If you use excel for freight billing, it requires a lot of labor, and cost accuracy depends largely on the employee’s due diligence and responsibility. Mistakes are costly to reverse.

3. High Shipping Cost

The intensification of production and the decentralization of sales are the cornerstones of modern contractual transport, which is particularly evident in the automotive and manufacturing industries. Large capacity, long distance, aging and high operating requirements, together lead to a higher shipping costs.




4. Relatively stable partners

Because of sensitive business nature, unique expertise needed, the automotive and manufacturing industries tend to have very stable carriers. When launching bidding both carrier selection criteria and quality of information shared with them is very important – all of this can be improved by using oTMS.




oTMS Solution

oTMS Unique Value

1. Customer experience in traditional distribution channels can meet and even exceed B2C ecommerce standards

2. Shipment process optimized, distributed to right party and automated for accurate real time data

3.100% accurate freight billing can be confirmed within a single day

4. Information flow accelerated by order of magnitude

5. Strengthen shipment control and carrier process compliance

6. Shipper collaboration: synchronize transport flows to take the cost, congestion, CO2 emissons out of the system

7. Effective data capture, in-depth data insight

8. SaaS - low investment, high return, permanent free upgrades

9. oneTMS platform approach - industry best practices

Case study


Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems

Greater convenience for in-transit transport management as it adopts the leading handshake technology for accurate cargo pick-ups and deliveries.

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ZF Friedrichshafen AG

The oTMS collaboration platform provides real-time data sharing between ZF and 10+ carrier partners.

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With the support of OneTMS, precise door-to-door tracking is achieved by connecting the shipper, 3PL, driver, and consignee.

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Tongchao Logistics

Through this cooperation, oTMS will help Tongchao build a digital logistics management system

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