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New Balance China has appointed oTMS as the Transport Management System (TMS) of choice to increase the Scalability of its Omni-Channel Transportation Process.

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New Balance China (New Balance Trading (China) Co., Ltd.) has appointed oTMS to digitalize its complex omni-channel distribution process. This includes; connecting all internal and external systems, end-to-end process visibility, freight audit and payment, reports, dashboards and insights on all collected data.

About New Balance

New Balance was founded in 1906. New Balance’s purpose is to empower people through sport and craftsmanship to create positive change in communities around the world. New Balance continues to bring to market quality athletic leisure products marrying comfort and style. Since its entrance into the Chinese market, New Balance has become one of the most popular sporting brands in China.

oTMS Solution

About 20% of oTMS customers are in the fashion and apparel industry. oTMS provides an omni-channel digital distribution solution, both B2B and B2C for our customers. oTMS understands that the eCommerce (B2C) segment for the fashion and apparel industry is a fast growing and challenging process that requires a robust technological infrastructure to manage efficiently.

New Balance China has appointed oTMS as the Transport Management System (TMS) of choice New Balance China x oTMS
New Balance China x oTMS

This partnership will allow both parties to think tank the current market challenges and user pain points and continuously reiterate the oTMS platform and New Balance’s process to meet the ever changing market demands. oTMS is excited to provide the scalability New Balance needs during peak and festive seasons.

Below are the suite of solutions that will be implemented:

  • Connectivity:

oTMS will provide the necessary connectivity across multiple internal (New Balance) and external (Carriers) systems via simple EDI/ API.

By connecting all systems, we will be able to ensure timely and accurate information flow across all parties within the logistics chain. This will significantly reduce time and effort spent on manual communication of information via emails, WeChat, phone calls and eliminate all misinformation.

  • Transport Order Management:

New Balance will be able to manage all transport orders via the oTMS platform ensuring all orders are executed in a timely fashion.

oTMS will allow New Balance logistics planners to optimize planning, automatically allocate transport orders to carriers. Furthermore, it will be able to immediately act on exception handling such as real-time status updates, real-time changes to transport orders, real-time alerts and anticipate aging orders to ensure timely deliveries improving customer satisfaction especially for the eCommerce business.

  • In-transit tracking and exception handling:

oTMS allows New Balance to connect with all its carriers, providing real-time visibility of all events.

The real-time reporting of exceptions will allow everyone within the logistics chain to solve exceptions immediately, increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Freight Audit and Payment:

oTMS will automatically rate all completed transport orders (ePOD) against the valid contracted rates residing in the rate management system. The freight bill will be generated against actual executed freight.

The automation of freight rating and freight billing will significantly reduce time and increase billing accuracy bringing about an increase in productivity and reducing logistics spend.

  • Actionable Insights:

All data collected via the oTMS platform will be structured into a custom New Balance dashboard, e.g. Carrier KPI, Nationwide Distribution Network etc…

The dashboards and report will provide actionable insights for New Balance to look into continuous improvement initiatives and bring about the desired 3% Year-on-Year targeted logistics savings.

Inline with New Balance’s purpose to empower people and create positive change, New Balance’s decision to partner with oTMS to digitalize its transport management echoes that belief to empower its employees and carriers through technology and transform its supply chain to bring about connectivity, optimization and automation.