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Clarios has appointed oTMS as the Transport Management System (TMS) of choice to connect, optimize and automate its logistics operations.

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Clarios has appointed oTMS as the TMS of choice to connect, optimize and automate its logistics operations.

Clarios (a subsidiary of Brookfield Business Partners) is the leading advanced automotive battery solutions with one-third of the vehicles powered by Clarios batteries worldwide. Clarios has a mission to create the world’s best batteries, essential for the evolving future of transportation.

The automotive industry is one of the industries with the most challenging supply chain. With highly complex networks and a Just-in-Time business model. Clarios recognized the importance of a well-run logistics operations and the need to digitalize its logistics to remain competitive.

The appointment of oTMS as a TMS provider shows Clarios continued commitment to sustainability through adoption of oTMS, an enterprise Saas TMS technology that will bring about optimization within its internal logistics operations.

The implementation of oTMS will help solve Clarios critical pain points and deliver on impacts that are in alignment with Clarios’s business goals.


oTMS will connect multiple systems through 2-way EDI integration with Clarios’s ERP and WMS.

This will completely eliminate the time needed to exchange information and data entry. It also ensures 100% information accuracy across all systems.

Best Practices in Procurement

With the oTMS RFQ, contract management and rate management module, Clarios will be able to make the best procurement decisions at a glance, ensuring carriers who provide good service and are cost-efficient are rewarded.

Optimization through Automated Transport Planning

Clarios can now optimize its entire transport planning across multiple plants, distribution centers (DC) and across different logistics workflows (spare parts, finished goods, milk-run and ad hoc) and ensure cost and carriers are optimized while keeping to Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery service level agreements (SLA).

Multi-party Logistics Workflow Execution

With the oTMS carrier platform and driver app, oTMS connects all parties within the logistics chain to ensure everyone receives and provides prompt information on every transport order. This allows all parties to focus on solving exception handling and achieving their target KPIs.

Freight Audit and Payment

Auto-rating of all freight bills against rate tariffs not only saves time but eliminates errors from manual rating and puts a stop to potential logistics spend leakage.

Make Better Business Decisions with Insights

The oTMS Dashboard and Analytics allows Clarios to have better insight of their daily/ monthly/ quarterly operations allowing for better conversations with suppliers, customers, carriers thereby facilitating continuous improvement (CI) in its operations.

oTMS is excited to embark on this logistics digitalization journey alongside Clarios.