Privacy Statement

1. The source of personal information and collection purpose

1.1 oTMS system will collect below client’s basic personal information when clients register their oTMS accounts.

1.1.1 Client’s company name, client’s position, client’s name, client’s mobile, client’s email address.

1.1.2 Account owner’s ID copy.

1.2 Collection purpose

1.2.1 Keep contact with clients, provide effective service to clients.

1.2.2 Assisting clients to resolve the system operation problem and transaction problem.

1.2.3 Data analysis and marketing research for the purpose to improving oTMS products and service quality.

Once the using purpose changed, oTMS will information clients and acquire client’s endorsement again.

2.  The use of personal information

2.1 You agree oTMS to use personal information provided by you to complete the creation of the account, the provision of service to help you solve the system operation problems, transaction problems.

2.2 To provide clients with more complete products and services, you agree that oTMS can use your limited personal data for relevant data analysis.

2.3 To improve the product and service, you agree that oTMS use your personal information to contact you, make client satisfaction survey, market research survey.

2.4 To obtain a professional and accurate analysis, under the premise of signing the NDA (none discourse agreement) with third party, your part of personal information will be shared to third party that cooperates with oTMS.

3. Disclosure of personal information

oTMS does not disclosure the personal information to any other third parties without client’s consent, except in the following cases.

3.1 To ensure compliance with the legal obligations of oTMS, or to exercise the statutory authority of oTMS.

3.2 In accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2.4.

4. The preservation of personal information

oTMS takes the practical technical means and management control means to manage and preserve client’s personal information.

5. The security of account and password

You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to ensure that your account and password are secure. You may fully responsible for all actions taken with the account and password and agree to the followings:

5.1 You are not disclosing your account or password to any other person or using any other person’s account or password. Due to hackers, viruses or your custody of negligence and other reasons do not due to the reasons for this site, this site does not assume any responsibility.

5.2 This site through your account and password to identify your instructions, you confirm that the use of your account and password after landing on this site all the acts are on your behalf. The electronic information records generated by the account operation are valid credentials for your actions and are solely responsible for the full responsibility.

5.3 Fraudulent use of other people’s account and password, the site and its legitimate authorized entities to retain the actual use of joint and several liability.

6. Privacy related issues

If you have questions about privacy, please contact the oTMS customer service team.

7. Amendments to the terms

This website may from time to time in accordance with your comments and the needs of this site to modify this privacy clause to accurately reflect the site’s data collection and disclosure practices. All changes to these Rules shall take effect after the publication of the notice of the modification on the website before the effective date of this website.