Angel Yeast


Angel Yeast

Client Introduction

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the production, management, and technical services of yeast and yeast derivatives and is one of China’s major High and New Technology Enterprises (HNTE). Angel Yeast is the leading company in China’s yeast industry and the third largest yeast company worldwide. The company ranks first in terms of production scale and market share in China and Asia. The company has established 8 major bases of operations and application technology centers in China and overseas. Its worldwide supply chain allows it to sell products to over 40 countries and regions using speedy delivery to designated locations.

oTMS Solution

Angel Yeast owns over 10 factories and logistics dispatch centers in China through which a complex logistics system had to be established in order to satisfy its network of dealers and distribution channels around the globe. Transport management includes various modes of transport like highway (LTL and FTL), sea, air cargo, and express.

With the rapid growth in business and increasingly complex supply chain network, the major challenges in transport that lie ahead for Angel Yeast include:

  • The transport process is a black box — in-transit information cannot be received in real time. A massive logistics customer service team is required to respond to logistics tracking demands from tens of thousands of customers.
  • Demands to track logistics information for orders from tens of thousands of customers. Invoices and data must be manually processed, leading to excessive workloads.
  • Large amounts of reconciliation with carriers, which makes the KPI for carrier management useless because relevant analyses are based on data which is not 100% accurate. Pressure to process large amounts of data analyses and financial statements and carry out settlement and clearing at the end of each month.

By applying a logistics solution from oTMS, Angel Yeast’s logistics management was transformed from being isolated and having low access to information to becoming an integrated operation management system combined with SAP. In addition, oTMS supports management of various modes of transport (such as express delivery) on a single platform, thereby replacing single-chain transport management with cross-level management that applies to the entire process. Over 10 logistics dispatch centers and a logistics customer service team of nearly 20 people were relieved. More than 5,000 distributors use the “Where Is It” app to obtain real-time logistics information.

In addition to system tools, oTMS creates greater value by providing comprehensive promotional services tailored to meet different needs. Angel Yeast is located in Yichang, Hubei. As a large shipper in a third-tier city, when it comes to coordinating logistics services, local logistics SMEs comprise the majority of service providers. These smaller logistics companies tend to lag behind in management methods and are poorly scattered. During the initial stages of implementing the solution from oTMS, both sides used the methods that were best suited to their own circumstances. Outstanding results were achieved by taking comprehensive promotional measures to jointly incentivize drivers to use the Truck Tracker driver app from oTMS. In fact, over 95% of drivers in the Yichang factory — where Angel Yeast is headquartered — are now utilizing the app.

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丹麦绫致时装(Bestseller),在中国经营ONLY、Vero Moda、Selected和Jack Jones等服装品牌,业务量庞大。它于2013年1月成为服装行业吃螃蟹的人——采用中国创业公司oTMS提供的SaaS(软件即服务)服务,来管理自己的物流链条。