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oTMS won the 2023 “SSCL Excellent 3PL Digital Transformation Award”

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Recently, the 6th Smart Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Summit & Expo APAC 2023 was successfully held in Shanghai. oTMS‘s Supply Chain Digitalization Solution was selected as one of the “SSCL Asia Pacific Smart Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Case Studies” and oTMS won the 2023 “SSCL Excellent 3PL Digital Transformation Award”.

As a pioneer in logistics and supply chain innovation, oTMS has successfully landed numerous projects in promoting the digital transformation of enterprise supply chain, covering consumer, construction, steel and other industries, creating a user-centered intelligent supply chain system for enterprises. In the process of serving customers, oTMS has gained insight into the need to transportation digitalization in Asia Pacific. In 2022, oTMS Singapore entity established and oTMS launched an international edition of SaaS TMS independently deployed in Singapore, dedicated to helping enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region to accelerate the digitalization of their local and international logistics and transportation management systems, effectively supporting the continuous growth of their business in the Asia-Pacific region.

oTMS International Edition is also based on cloud-native architecture solutions, including web and mobile apps, and mainly provides the following core functions:

  • Transportation order management, as well as order integration, splitting and other functions
  • Full-process management of transportation to realize multi-platform collaboration of different roles on the link
  • Integrated with mapping provider to optimize transportation planning by configuring the process according to business rules
  • Real-time visualization of truck land transportation, international shipping, air transportation and express orders, and report any issues at any time
  • Connect with mainstream express companies in Southeast Asia, realize a unified management platform for express delivery, and optimize express delivery service providers
  • Perfect financial reconciliation function, which greatly saves reconciliation time, and the whole process is paperless handover
  • Intelligent analysis of BI data to assist in formulating and optimizing transportation strategies

Take the well-known international company DSV as an example, DSV Thailand didn’t have mordern tech tools to plan/optimize and track shipments and everything was handled by XLS. Over 4 months implementation oTMS rolled out full system incl order intake to WMS, shipment planning, RTV via apps and GPS, billing and dashboards for 7 largest customers. oTMS, in response to the business needs of DSV Thailand, primarily provides the following solutions:

  • Synchronization of orders to WMS, breaking the information silos existing systems
  • Docking with Google Maps, according to the latitude and longitude information returned by Google Maps, the orders of the same and adjacent destinations are integrated among the orders of hundreds of stores, which is convenient for drivers to deliver goods, realizes the optimization of transportation planning, and saves transportation time and costs
  • In-transit visibility, perfect billing and data kanban based on APP and GPS, thus fully improving the digital management of transportation

Since its establishment in 2013, oTMS has been committed to continuously promoting innovation in logistics and supply chains. At present, its service area has expanded from China to Indonesia and Thailand. It is expected that in 2023, oTMS projects will be implemented in Malaysia and the Philippines. This award confirms the strong digital capabilities of oTMS, oTMS will insist on pioneering and innovative and continue to enable global brands to better connect with end users through more advanced technologies and better products in the future.