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Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Group Co., Ltd. joins hands with oTMS to realize digitization of transportation management

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Recently, Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Group Co., Ltd (TMB Group)  and oTMS reached a cooperation to realize the visualization of logistics transportation, and improve the accuracy and punctuality of transportation data through oTMS Transport Management System.

As a well-known large-scale bearing enterprise, TMB Group has been in development for 30 years. TMB Group is in the forefront of China’s bearing industry in terms of capital strength, production scale, technical strength and sales performance. TMB Group has established a complete sales network and service system. Its products sell well all over China and are exported to European and American countries/regions. Therefore, TMB Group also attaches great importance to the comprehensive upgrade of its logistics and transportation management so that its business development could be powered by digitization of transportation management.

As a pioneer in transportation informatization and an expert in the field of transport management system, oTMS always makes full use of its technology, innovation and service capabilities to realized the digital transformation and upgrading of transportation for large and medium-sized brand enterprises in various industries and has accumulated rich experience. oneTMS transport management system has been used by over 5,000 companies to manage their daily operations. Thus, oTMS has been recognized by TMB Group.

Through the cooperation, oTMS will use digital intelligence technology to empower TMB Group’s supply chain to achieve efficient and transparent transportation management, including:

  • Order management & execution incl. creating, uploading and updating
  • Real-time transport visibility & Comprehensive transport exceptions management
  • Freight cost management including freight tariff and freight billing and FAP (freight audit and pay) functionality
  • Comment function in WeChat official account
  • Improve overall supply chain management with oTMS comprehensive BI analytics

TMB Group’s enterprise objective is quality is the foundation to set up enterprises, and innovation is the source to develop enterprises, which coincides with the vision of oTMS. oTMS is very honored to work hand in hand with TMB Group to create a safer, more efficient and smarter ecosystem of logistics and transportation , and to continuously improve customer experience.