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oTMS listed as “2022 Logistics and Supply Chain (China) Solutions TOP50”

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On November 8, the 5th China International Import Expo event “2022 Global Trade and International Logistics Summit” was successfully held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. At the same time, the 2022 Logistics and Supply Chain (China) Solutions TOP50 List was grandly announced. oTMS was once again honored to be selected as this year’s Logistics and Supply Chain (China) Solutions TOP50 by virtue of its  “Advanced Logistics Refinement Management – Dock scheduling System”.

The 2022 Global Trade and International Logistics Summit is one of the core activities of this year’s EXPO. With the theme of “building a safe, stable and green supply chain system”, it aims to serve the “Belt and Road” construction from a high starting point, and promote the application of chinese solutions in the field of global logistics and supply chain to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.

The organizing committee continued to hold the “Logistics and Supply Chain (China) Solution TOP50 announcement” event this year. Starting from the beginning of October, the participators and their solutions have been successively released on the WeChat account of the official media and the “Logistics +” website, then  TOP50 are generated through public voting and expert selection. oTMS submitted the application of the Dock Scheduling System, which enabled the enterprise supply chain to enter a more refined management stage, and was listed as the TOP50 list by this solution.

DSS was born to fill the management gap between transportation and warehousing. Managers lack tools to achieve information connection and effective coordination between transportation and warehouse, resulting in poor coordination among all characters of the whole supply chain, uncontrollable processes, problems such as low platform utilization and poor loading and unloading efficiency. Through advance dock  scheduling, on-site number calling, etc., the difficulties and pain points can be effectively solved, thereby improving the efficiency of the warehouse. The core functions of the solution includes:

1. Synchronize truck arrivals time and sequence with your warehouse/plant operations

Carrier / driver can make an appointment for the warehouse dock and time in advance according to the warehouse arrival / pick-up requirements, realizing the collaborative management of various resources such as carriers, trucks, docks and receiving and shipping operators. It also enhance the planning of warehouse operations and improve the utilization of warehouse capacity.

2. Reduce loading/unloading and idle waiting times to improve site productivity

Trucks can queue up and be called by number according to the required logic. The warehouse can have a real-time status of the loading and unloading operation, which improves the utilization rate of dock and the loading/unloading efficiency.

3. Monitor truck real-time locations both inside & outside your yard

When drivers use oTMS apps, the warehouse can monitor real-time location of trucks even before and after they enter the yard, which helps the warehouse and plant to react to scheduling risks.

4. Monitor actual dock & carrier productivity and on-time performance

By integrating cameras and app QR code, on-site operation can be automated and actual carrier on-time performance can be proved. On the other hand, carrier can reasonably arrange vehicles to ensure the punctuality of pick-up and arrival.

Taking a well-known building materials and special chemicals company as an example, after the implementation of DSS in more than 20 factories, the warehouse arranges the platform work plan according to the appointment application, arranges the inbound and outbound operations in advance, and synchronously feeds back information to all parties in time, which makes the automation of shift scheduling possible; all processes of loading and unloading goods could be completed through the system, including checking in, calling, loading, and suspending, and the data of each operation link is synchronized , the rights and responsibilities are clear, which improves the efficiency of warehouse operations; the system automatically counts the operation status of the day to generate logs, which is convenient for query and data analysis, and ensures that the whole process is transparent and monitorable.

The application of the oTMS DSS is a further extension of the connectivity of all parties in the transportation chain. Like the gears between nodes, it allows all parties in the transportation chain to form a deeper and wider collaboration, so that warehousing and transportation management can be more rationally configured Resources, improving the efficiency of the overall logistics operation, avoiding waste of time and resources, is an important step in the advancement of refined transportation management.

It has been selected into the “Logistics and Supply Chain (China) Solutions TOP50” list for two consecutive years, marking that the technical capabilities and practical applications of oTMS have once again been recognized by experts in the supply chain field. In the future, oTMS will continue to explore changes in market demand, combine logistics and transportation pain points, provide customers with valuable logistics and transportation solutions, and jointly build a smart supply chain industry ecology.