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oTMS won the 2022 “SSCL Excellent Supply Chain Efficiency Prize” and “LOG Award for Supply Chain & Contract Logistics Innovation Excellent Enterprise”

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Recently, oTMS has been listed as “2022 LOG Supply Chain & Contract Logistics Innovation Excellent Enterprises” and won the “2022 SSCL Excellent Supply Chain Efficiency Prize” for its innovation and technology in the field of logistics management.

As one of the influential events in the supply chain and logistics industry, the 5th Smart Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation Summit & Expo ACPC 2022 came to an end on September 21.

The “Excellent Supply Chain Efficiency Prize” was specially set up by SSCL organizer to encourage enterprises with the potential for technological innovation and business innovation, and to promote smart supply chain and logistics innovation in various fields, as well as to promote the construction of an open ecosystem. After multiple evaluations and voting by professionals from industry associations, industry alliances, media and consulting companies, oTMS finally won this prize.

The “LOG Award for Supply Chain & Contract Logistics Innovation Excellent Enterprise” is an annual selection by Logclub, which is a well-known logistics salon in China. This award is set up to encourage the innovation and development of supply chain & contract logistics enterprises and commend benchmarking enterprises for their outstanding contributions to China’s logistics.

The researchers of Logclub publicly collected cases of supply chain & contract logistics models and program innovations for the entire industry since August. Selected by the research expert group after public voting on its wechat official account and official website, oTMS won the “LOG Award for Supply Chain & Contract Logistics Innovation Excellent Enterprise” with its innovative case of the “Dock Appointment Scheduling System”.

Modern enterprise transportation is a typical complex multi-level subcontracting mode. As early as 2013, oTMS launched the SaaS TMS, which opened up a new market in the field of transport management and made the traditional transport management mode realize digital transformation through a management system, which connects shippers, 3PLS, carriers, drivers and consignees on a single, automated end-to-end shipment workflow.

Until today, the product line of oTMS has been extended to Dock Appointment Scheduling System and Comprehensive Transport Outsourcing Service, helping enterprises to achieve lean logistics management. oTMS has now empowered 5000+ enterprise-level customers, and logistics management covers multiple transportation modes at home and abroad. While improving the efficiency of enterprise logistics management, oTMS continuously promotes the development of the industry.

Consecutive awards reflect the industry’s affirmation and high recognition of oTMS. The services of oTMS always focus on the pain points of the industry and customer needs, empowering enterprises to improve the efficiency of transport management. In the future, oTMS will continue the spirit of innovation and keep improving technology and services to bring more value to the industry and customers!