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Loscam (China) Co., Ltd. mainly offers pallet and other logistics packing equipment rental services, and has developed into a leading pallet sharing rental business in Australia and Southeast Asia. The company does business in numerous countries and regions in Australia and Southeast Asia and operates over 10 million pallets. The rental model adopted by Loscam eliminates subsequent repairs and cost fluctuations during seasonal peaks, thereby saving large amounts of circulating capital for its clients. Loscam is the top choice for achieving an efficient market entry for mid- and high-end products.


With the support of OneTMS, precise door-to-door tracking is achieved by connecting the shipper, 3PL, driver, and consignee, making it easy to handle order placements, dispatch scheduling, and payment settlement. Any error can be responded to in real time. The consignee can track the shipment status in real time and rate the service, thereby improving customer satisfaction. In addition, OneTMS allows shippers to cooperate with warehouses, carriers, and drivers to schedule online appointment, coordinate warehouse scheduling requests from all suppliers, and ensure warehouse entry procedures meet the requirements of an automated warehouse, resulting in a more refined system and efficient supply chain.

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