Dock Appointment Scheduling System
Synchronize truck arrivals time to increase warehouse efficiency
Reduce loading/unloading time to improve site productivity
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Synchronize truck arrivals time and sequence with your warehouse/plant operations

Carrier / driver can make an appointment for the warehouse dock and time in advance according to the warehouse arrival / pick-up requirements, realizing the collaborative management of various resources such as carriers, trucks, docks and receiving and shipping operators. It also enhance the planning of warehouse operations and improve the utilization of warehouse capacity.

Reduce loading/unloading and idle waiting times to improve site productivity

Trucks can queue up and be called by number according to the required logic. The warehouse can have a real-time status of the loading and unloading operation, which improves the utilization rate of dock and the loading/unloading efficiency.

Monitor truck real-time locations both inside & outside your yard

When drivers use oTMS apps, the warehouse can monitor real-time location of trucks even before and after they enter the yard, which helps the warehouse and plant to react to scheduling risks.

Monitor actual dock & carrier productivity and on-time performance

By integrating cameras and app QR code, on-site operation can be automated and actual carrier on-time performance can be proved. On the other hand, carrier can reasonably arrange vehicles to ensure the punctuality of pick-up and arrival.