Sinotrans Chemical International Logistics


Sinotrans Chemical International Logistics

Client Introduction

Sinotrans Chemical International Logistics (SCIL) is a subsidiary of Sinotrans & CSC Holdings which specializes in providing comprehensive logistics services to the chemical industry. SCIL is a leading domestic company and a globally competitive supplier of comprehensive chemical logistics services. In addition to possessing a far-reaching and efficient logistics network with national coverage, SCIL offers services as an international freight forwarding agent in the areas of hazardous and toxic material road transport, storage, bulk chemical products logistics, multimodal transport, project logistics, and value-added services.

Prior to working with oTMS, SCIL had developed an internal TMS tailored to the particular nature of its services. However, the limits of traditional TMS became increasingly apparent over time, especially when handling in-depth coordination between upstream and downstream parties and attempting to provide a complete visualization of the shipping process to customers.

oTMS Solution

SCIL first came into contact with oTMS through a project involving the Huntsman Corporation. After Huntsman began a full partnership with oTMS, its logistics partner SCIL was requested to use oTMS to manage Huntsman’s logistics services. This valuable opportunity introduced SCIL to oTMS’ web-based logistics management system. After conducting an internal evaluation, SCIL concluded that oTMS could provide exactly what they were looking for — a dynamic and user-friendly TMS to satisfy a wide range of logistics management requirements.

oTMS provided a solution to the shortcomings of SCIL’s traditional transport management system by tangibly improving the company’s transport management in multiple ways, including:

1. Achieving seamless upstream and downstream connection to improve services by SCIL to high-end clients.

2. Increasing control over the transport process, particularly for acquiring information on transport nodes.

3. Helping to provide customers with comprehensive tracking and query services.

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