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Sinopharm Weiqida has appointed oTMS as the Transport Management System (TMS) of choice to upgrade its logistics operation.

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Sinopharm Weiqida has appointed oTMS as the Transport Management System (TMS) of choice to upgrade its logistics operation. Sinopharm Weiqida has appointed oTMS as the Transport Management System (TMS) of choice to upgrade its logistics operation.

The solution will include integration with Sinopharm Weiqida’s ERP, ensuring flow and exchange of data between multiple parties within the logistics chain. Complete management and control of the entire logistics chain

100% accuracy of freight audit and payment.

Customer background

Sinopharm Weiqida is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Modern Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation.

Sinopharm Weiqida has full ownership of its supply chain from raw materials, intermediaries and finished drug production and is at the forefront of combating infectious diseases.

Sinopharm Weiqida has four (4) core pharmaceutical pillars: pharmacology technology, enzyme fermentation technology, chemical technology, analysis, research and detection.

Sinopharm Weiqida has always been a proponent of technology with an already robust ERP, SRM, WMS IT infrastructure.

However, upon investigation they found the logistics operations and workflows to still be manual, disconnected and inefficient.

The adoption of oTMS will help close all these gaps and enhance the end-to-end digitalization of Sinopharm Weiqida’s operations.

oTMS Solution

oTMS has been a preferred choice for pharmaceutical companies with more than 30 existing clients in the pharmaceutical space including Eli Lilly and Company, Merck Group, Winner Medical, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd., Sunway Pharm Ltd, Xuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., etc… We believe ensuring drug safety through ensuring the chain of custody during transportation has a profound impact on human lives.

oTMS will be providing the following digital transport solutions:

Connectivity between all parties (cargo owner, third-party logistics, carrier, drivers, customers) within the logistics chain through dedicated desktop and mobile applications and mini-applications.

Connectivity allows all parties to have real-time visibility of all shipments ensuring zero occurrence of theft or breakdown in cold-chain, thereby ensuring 100% product integrity of the pharmaceuticals.

Single data lake is achieved through connecting all systems and a 2-way data flow. This eliminates the unnecessary complexity to download and combine different information from different systems. A single data lake provides a complete picture of Sinopharm Weiqida’s operations, paving the way for better and quick decision making.

Online and streamlined freight procurement workflowallows for quick quotes and approvals with logs of historical activities. This ensures 100% auditability and compliance.

Real-time visibility especially during transit of shipment ensures the chain of custody of all cargo is intact and accounted for. The oTMS driver app is able to track which party currently has custody, collect photos, electronic timestamps and report any incidents. Ability to pinpoint where the break in custody when the integrity of the pharmaceutical product is breached is crucial.

Automated freight rating and billing ensures 100% accuracy and timely billing while reducing the need for mundane manual tasks. Rate cards are uploaded, and upon ePOD of all shipments are rated. A consolidated bill will be sent on time on the date of the billing cycle. This ensures zero logistics spend leakage from errors.

Actionable insights from all the data collected will be aggregated into dashboards and reports for better decision making. It allows Sinopharm Weiqida to continuously improve logistics operations dynamically.

Inline with Sinopharm Weida’s corporate vision of “becoming a distinguished technological and innovative global pharmaceutical and healthcare service provider”, the collaboration with oTMS is a testament to Sinopharm Weiqida’s commitment to work towards this goal to ensure 100% integrity of Sinopharm Weiqida products during transportation.