Transport Weekly | Do you want to be the last one?

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Innovation is not an easy task in a large enterprise. We often meet passionate customers who love and are willing to embrace innovation. They share good ideas with the company, but due to the complex structure within the company, it takes a long time to have a good idea actually approved and implemented. Often in the process of waiting, fast-moving peers have caught up. Therefore, the ability to respond quickly to change is especially important for business development.

We are very happy to see that more and more large companies are now setting up innovative teams to apply and support innovative projects and startups. For example, oTMS recently completed the Daimler Startup Autobahn which is designed to accelerate the collaboration between Daimler’s corporate partners and startups. It took only 100 days to take an acceleration project from concept to landing. We believe that as more and more companies realize the importance of innovation and rapid action, industry innovations will happen faster.

Don’t want to be the one behind? Then act quickly! Start by bravely adopting new technologies!