Case Study | How did the leading grain enterprise achieve integrated management of transportation data?

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Although all industries have entered the stage of informatization and digitization, the technical and management capabilities of enterprises are uneven. As far as transportation is concerned, highly integrated transportation management can bring higher efficiency and further widen the gap with competitors, especially for grain enterprises. The real-time transparency of “order-transportation-ledger management” process, integrated interaction and reasonable planning have a far-reaching impact on the level of digital development of enterprises. Today, we will share with you a case of data integration management in the entire transportation process of a leading enterprise in the grain industry.

Client Introduction

As a leader in the grain industry, it specialized in processing, trade and sales of rice, wheat and brewing materials. Its business layout covers major grain production regions in China, grasping first-hand grain resources at home and abroad. With branded sales network spreading across the country, all its business units have established an industry-leading position. In addition, it is also a forerunner of digital transformation, and has implemented systems such as SAP, OA, and all-purpose card earlier.

However, under the management mode of those systems, there are still many problems such as isolated information and loose management due to complicated channels. The client hopes to solve the above pain points through the oTMS solution and complete the integrated management of the data in the entire transportation process.

oTMS Solution

> Key Highlights: 

1. Connect information systems such as SAP, OA and all-purpose card with the oTMS transport management system through middleware to realize data interaction and process control;

2. Real-time management and control of logistics-related document flow, business flow and financial flow;

3. Real-time tracking of cargo information through mobile APP, WeChat mini program and WEB interface application on multiple platforms.

 > Project achievements: 

Through the integrated management solution of oTMS, all kinds of documents generated by client using SAP will be transferred to the oTMS order pool; then, the orders will be synchronized to the oTMS transport management system for the allocation of carriers and drivers, and the in-transit information of pickup, in-transit and delivery will be real-time visual, the information of order, truck and driver will also be synchronized to the all-purpose card, providing data support for the construction of the carrier’s KPI system; transportation documents and bills are approved and processed by the OA system, forming a closed management loop of “order-transportation-ledger” . Since the project was launched in 2020, more than 40 factories have been implemented, and the cumulative number of shipments has exceeded 370,000.

In the environment where digital transformation has become an industry consensus, how to improve technology and management capabilities is the top priority to ensure the overall revenue growth, efficiency improvement and cost reduction of enterprises. oTMS combines market trends and actual customer management pain points to build advanced transport management system. On the basis of the management system, oTMS further opens up the data interaction of various systems, realizes integrated management and cargo tracking, and helps customers to promote business activities with low cost and high efficiency. In the future, oTMS will also continue the spirit of innovation, continue to improve technology and services, provide customers with valuable logistics and transportation solutions, and make transport more smart.