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oTMS cooperates with DSV Solutions Indonesia as its first rollout in SEA

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DSV Solutions Indonesia, a leading global logistics service provider, contracted oTMS for the rollout of transport management system across all of its operations in Indonesia. DSV will adopt oTMS newly launched international version of SaaS, public cloud, multi-language, multi-country solution hosted in Singapore.DSV will use oTMS to manage end-to-end transport workflow with over 1 million shipments annually for retail, fashion, telecommunications, e-commerce, and multi-level marketing brands across multiple sites in Indonesia. Diverse transport modes range from full truck with multi-stop routes, remote jobsites for telecom equipment to express deliveries for ecommerce and MLM. oTMS rollout will include integration with multiple up/downstream systems, freight cost optimization, client & carrier billing, and real-time visibility incl. notifications to their customers.

DSV is a global transportation and logistics service provider with offices and facilities in more than 90 countries on six continents, delivering and operating supply chain solutions to thousands of companies every day. Almost 10 years ago DSV Solutions China has become an important customer of oTMS rolling out multiple client’s operations over the years. Through the oTMS transportation management system, DSV China has realized the digital management of transportation.

Since first launch in 2013, oTMS has won the trust of more than 100 large and medium-sized enterprises in Chinese market, has processed over 300 million orders in total, and has become the leading TMS provider in China. Today, with the rapid development of the overall Asia-Pacific market, the demand for digital transportation management in Southeast Asia is also growing. McKinsey & Company’s insight article “Asia: The highway of value for global logistics” states: “By 2025, 30 percent of world consumption will be in Asia. While China, Japan, and India will remain the largest logistics markets in Asia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand show the highest growth potential.” This cooperation between DSV Indonesia and oTMS is also testament to this.

Therefore, oTMS has launched an international edition of SaaS TMS independently deployed in Singapore, dedicated to helping enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region to accelerate the digitalization of their local and international logistics and transportation management systems, effectively supporting the continuous growth of their business in the Asia-Pacific region.

oTMS International Edition is also based on cloud-native architecture solutions, including web and mobile apps, and mainly provides the following core functions:

  1. Transportation order management, as well as order integration, splitting and other functions
  2. Full-process management of transportation to realize multi-platform collaboration of different roles on the link
  3. Real-time visualization of truck land transportation, international shipping, air transportation and express orders, and report any issues at any time
  4. Connect with mainstream express companies in Southeast Asia, realize a unified management platform for express delivery, and optimize express delivery service providers
  5. Perfect financial reconciliation function, which greatly saves reconciliation time, and the whole process is paperless handover
  6. Intelligent analysis of BI data to assist in formulating and optimizing transportation strategies

Different from the traditional TMS, oTMS transportation management system applies cloud computing, mobile Internet, and big data to the transportation industry chain, connecting work roles and processes of all parties in the transportation chain. In the initial stage of launch, facing the unique challenges of China’s transportation market, oTMS solved many problems, such as multi-layer connection, real-time on-the-fly tracking, online reconciliation, electronic receipt/signature, etc. After nearly ten years of deep cultivation, oTMS has accumulated rich experience, and the perfect system has been favored and recognized by benchmark enterprises in the industry.

Regarding the release of the international edition, oTMS co-founder and CEO Mirek Dabrowski said: “We are very excited about Southeast Asia markets where transport digitization may be a couple of years behind China, however due to certain market characteristics TMS should play even more significant role with higher ROI. oTMS grew in one of the most complex and competitive transport markets and we look forward to applying our tech 10 years of know-how to APAC region, and to enrich and localize our solutions in the process.”

In this cooperation with DSV Indonesia, the international version of oTMS also fully considers the characteristics of the local market, such as time zones, maps, billing methods, etc., and provides a bilingual system that supports English and Indonesian. The launch of the project includes customers in electronics, retail, consumer goods and other industries, helping DSV Indonesia improve overall logistics management efficiency and improve end customer satisfaction. This will also become an important step for oTMS to deploy in global markets and lay a solid foundation for the implementation of follow-up projects in Southeast Asia.

oTMS has always insisted on pioneering and innovative and will continue to enable global brands to better connect with end users through more advanced technologies and better products in the future.