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Breaking News | oTMS and DSV Thailand to Take Transport Digitalization to New Heights in Asia Pacific

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Global transport and logistics service provider, DSV Thailand, has officially partnered with transport management cloud platform, oTMS, to enhance its transport digitalization management. DSV Thailand will adopt the oTMS International SaaS TMS transportation management system to enhance its transport digital management and optimize order routing.

DSV Thailand operates 29 logistics facilities in Bangkok, Nakornratchasima, and Wang Noi, offering various transport solutions for more than 70 large and medium-sized enterprise clients in industries such as consumer retail, automotive, industrial manufacturing, fashion and apparel, and pharmaceuticals. However, as business scenarios become more complex, transport management faces more challenges, and digital management reform is imperative. Therefore, DSV Thailand hopes to use the oTMS transport management system to improve its existing management system, improve overall logistics efficiency and customer satisfaction by optimizing transport routes.

DSV facility in Thailand

As an important partner of oTMS, DSV China has been using the oTMS transport management system for end-to-end order management for many years, and the cooperation between the two parties has continued to this day. With the rapid development of the Asia-Pacific market, the oTMS International SaaS TMS has been launched in 2022, and DSV Indonesia became the first signed enterprise for oTMS’s international expansion. Through oTMS, DSV Indonesia can optimize order management processes, achieve real-time visibility, multi-mode transportation management, online reconciliation, and data intelligence.

This cooperation between the two parties once again expands and shows DSV Asia-Pacific’s high regard for transport digitalization and high recognition of oTMS in the field of transport digitalization. Serving DSV Thailand is another important milestone for oTMS in the Asia-Pacific region, which will further accelerate oTMS’s investment in Southeast Asia.

DSV Solutions Thailand implementation kickoff meeting

oTMS, in response to the business needs of DSV Thailand, will primarily provide the following solutions:

  1. Unified management of transport orders, including integration, split, and segment functions;
  2. End-to-end management, enabling multi-platform collaboration among different roles on the supply chain;
  3. Real-time GPS data updates, with visualized tracking and timely reporting of exceptional situations;
  4. Enhanced order routing and planning management, resulting in the optimal transportation solution;
  5. Comprehensive financial reconciliation function, substantially reducing the time needed for reconciling;
  6. BI data intelligent analysis, assisting in the formulation and optimization of transport strategies.

At the implementation kickoff meeting, the DSV Thailand project team said, “We are very much looking forward to working with oTMS. The oTMS system has many features, and we hope it can help us manage our business better. We also wish oTMS further success in Thailand!”

oTMS Solution & SD Director Kathy Su and DSV Solutions Thailand Team

Regarding this cooperation, Mirek Dabrowski, Co-founder and CEO of oTMS, said, “We are impressed by the diversity of DSV Thailand’s digital operations and transportation scenarios. We are very grateful for the full participation of the DSV team, which has enabled us to rapidly and effectively advance the oTMS transport management system project. Thailand’s market combines its own fleet with outsourcing models, giving rise to a wide range of planning and execution challenges. This combined with the unique hospitality and openness makes me upbeat about oTMS’s growth in this market.”

oTMS TMS in Thai

From rooting in China to expanding to the Asia-Pacific region, oTMS is committed to continuously promoting the digitization of logistics transport management and providing customers with tangible value. We hope to have more partners join hands with oTMS and achieve intelligent management and better end-user connections through oTMS’s technology, products, and services.