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Taking off and living your dreams here at oTMS

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Graduating from a top-ranking school and climbing the corporate ladder at a company of renown used to be the career path of choice for many new graduates. This well-traveled path may no longer be the true calling for many, however, following the sweeping and game-changing effects of “Internet Plus.” This was why one young woman left her comfort zone and embarked upon a new journey in her life and career here at oTMS.

Meet Sunny Ma, the heroine of our feature story for this issue. Sunny truly lives up to her name through the ups and downs of everyday life. She enjoys traveling around the globe and experiencing its different dimensions as much as she revels in binge-watching soap operas at home. Her friend list grows as her footsteps take her to new places all across the world. She has made career advancements in very much the same way. It is easy to lose your sense of time while conversing with her, and you’re always able to walk away with a positive outlook on life.

Missing out on “striking gold” but ultimately encountering infinite opportunities here at oTMS

Sunny Ma, freshly graduated, started out as a management associate at the well known Japanese cosmetics company, NIVEA. Her excellent performance skyrocketed her within the short span of 4 years to the position of logistics manager, responsible for managing the national logistics network of the entire company. Her professional career has been nothing but a raging success since day one. She rose through the ranks and became the youngest manager ever throughout the entire corporation. As Sunny puts it, she followed a clear set of directions in those years, enjoyed a comfortable life, and looked forward to a foreseeable future.

Things changed, however, when Didi tried to recruit Sunny back in 2013. Didi was still the new kid on the block at the time and in no way resembled the “unicorn” that it would become. She rejected both invitations outright. Looking back, this was one of those chances to strike gold that she had sadly missed out on!

The experience left plenty food for thought for Sunny, not so much the missed golden opportunity but the excitement that comes with the explosive energy of Internet developments. Sunny turned her attention to the Internet, looking for a grander stage on which she could make a true difference.

When oTMS came into sight in 2015, she welcomed it with barely contained enthusiasm and anticipation. “Finally, this is where I’m meant to be!” Sunny became quite animated as she described the experience.

A good boss is someone who shares your passion for the business

Sunny and oTMS co founder David talked for more than 3 hours on the day of the interview. Their notes filled several blackboards in the conference room. As she put it, both wished they had met each other sooner. Because both were extremely versed in the realm of logistics, their opinions resonated perfectly when it came to the pain points within the industry. Sunny lamented the way logistics management appeared to be stuck in the stone age while information technology was already flying to the moon. Day in and day out, work consisted of the same mountains of paperwork and endless confirmation calls. Too many people working in logistics were being tied down by inefficient and worthless tasks, and there didn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. This was for all extremely confusing and exasperating. Sunny and oTMS shared the view that the Internet should be utilized to benefit traditional logistics practices and to relieve people in the business from drudgery and inefficiency. This common goal convinced Sunny that oTMS was doing something great.

Sunny received an offer on the spot, and was soon appointed as key account manager at oTMS. It was a new position that didn’t come with specific job descriptions; there was no one to tell her what to do either. During those early days, Sunny often felt listlessly unoccupied, so she put together a 6-page PowerPoint presentation explaining her product ideas and sent it directly to her boss. The email caught the attention of the management, who promptly assigned their most valuable key accounts to her so she could try out some of her novel concepts.

It was during this period that Sunny joined the senior team for new projects. The all-new product oSuper was launched last August, a product that had been created and fine-tuned solely based on observations of user requirements. oSuper is a dispatch tool designed for business districts. It explores idle capacity by performing integrated data mining across O2O, courier and logistics services. It additionally utilizes informatizated approaches to construct efficient logistics processes that can be visualized, tracked and monitored. The product received positive feedback from over a dozen clients within two months of its launch.

Sunny won commendation and approval in less than a year. She garnered the Best Manager Award at the 2017 Annual Company Convention and was promoted to director. Such rapid advancement is rare even among Internet startups.

oTMS, a dream team of Internet + logistics and a stage without boundaries

InSunny’s opinion, oTMS did not owe its success to chance, but to a dream team ofInternet and logistics experts.They areexperienced managers who have been working in the business for more than adecade. Outsiders may think that the Internet industry, with its many allures,can lead to outrageous outcomes. Indeed, it takes sound business logic and agood knowledge of customer needs to survive in the business of B2B logisticsand to develop products worthy of approval. oTMS meets all of the criteriaabove. This is a product tailored to the needs oflogistics professionals.

The oTMS team is furthermore capable of immediate action and of making rapid decisions and quick adjustments. These characteristics are what enable them to stay on top of market trends. On average, it takes around two weeks for oTMS to launch a new project. The process from developing a SaaS platform for logistics to creating a transport ecosystem took only a year, which is considered lightning speed in terms of B2B product development.

The culture at oTMS was another thing that appealed to Sunny, It is open and tolerant and gives every employee ample room to grow. Sunny believes that the company advocates the concept of “Make A Difference” and that its intention is to offer support and encouragement to everyone by enabling them to prove the validity of their concepts and ideas. It is a stage on which there are no rules and no restrictions. Anyone with an idea and the drive to succeed can prove themselves through spontaneous, immediate action. It a fertile ground from which excellence can emerge and enable the team to flourish. Her own experience is the best proof.

Talking to Sunny left me with an impression of having gone on an fantastic adventure with a group of people with the same dreams, just when one was in need of thrill and excitement. It makes one feel quite exhilarated just thinking about it!