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oSuper has enabled us to increase our store response time, boost product turnover, consolidate online/offline systems, and integrate the inventories of each store.

Li Ning, Logistics Director

Li-Ning (China) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 by Li Ning, the famous Chinese “Prince of Gymnastics”. The company has continued to grow at an incredible pace for more than two decades and is now one of China’s leading sporting goods brands.

As a leading domestic sporting goods brand, Li-Ning is dedicated to providing sports equipment to athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world, building a healthy lifestyle, and creating a comprehensive sporting goods distribution network. Li-Ning has always been at the forefront of informatization. After introducing the SAP system in 2000, it became the first ever sporting goods company in China to utilize an ERP system. Recently, it has begun to create an O2O omni-channel inventory information sharing. Informatization has become a vital step in Li-Ning’s company management process, and logistics comprises the next step in informatization along with the oTMS collaboration platform.

Increase Transport Efficiency, Reduce Transport Costs

One of the greatest hurdles to overcome in logistics is finding a way to achieve a streamlined flow, and Li-Ning chose informatization to help it achieve this objective. In order to achieve more standardized and efficient production and sales in the “Internet Plus” era, Li-Ning spared no effort in the fully implementing informatization into every process of the company’s business. In conjunction with its O2O strategy, and to satisfy various transport demands of the whole B2B and O2O processes, Li-Ning chose the oTMS collaboration platform to manage in-transit costs and related information, introduce logistics transport chain into company management, further increase transport efficiency, and reduce transport costs.

Why we chose oTMS:

  • oTMS provides Li-Ning with a total solution for reliable transport services.
  • oTMS helps Li-Ning improve transport management thanks to its rich knowledge and experience in logistics involving the apparel industry.
  • Professional implementation to satisfy the complex transport process and system integration requirements of Li-Ning.
  • oTMS offers unique accounting and verification functionality which significantly improves efficiency for Li-Ning.

Accelerated store response times and boosted product turnover.

One of Li-Ning’s major pain points was that store staff were unable to specify transport modalities (including logistics and express delivery), resulting in expensive logistics costs and excessively high costs associated with store logistics verification and management.

In response to these key issues, oSuper delivered the following solutions:

  • All stores now use carriers recommended by oSuper;
  • Split-order rules were established, enabling large item and small item distribution to be assigned to different carriers;
  • Full system integration features automatic assignment of orders to different carriers without a need for manual intervention;
  • oSuper offers detailed online transport lists, making it easier to verify logistics costs.

Added-value for the customer:

  • Lower costs: Regional distribution logistics costs reduced by 50%.
  • Improved in-store experience: Flexible distribution and service experience.
  • Big data applications: Clear distribution data provides a basis for optimizing operations.
  • Unified management: Unified ordering, unified express delivery pick-up, unified standard delivery schedules, unified account settlement
  • Greater efficiency: Automatic form generation — no need for manual input translates to reduced labor costs and fewer errors.

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