Lancy – A New Order of Safety

Lancy - A New Order of Safety

Fashion & Apparel

Global fashion industry group

Distribution for shopping districts and complete transport insurance coverage

oTMS delivers true synergy between efficiency and cost!

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Lancy, a high-end Chinese fashion brand, commands a global vision and a global impact. The company is devoted to becoming a top player in the fashion industry by incorporating web-based technologies and a cosmopolitan approach into the world of fashion.

With its rapidly developing business and high frequency and large quantity of cargo transport between stores, Lancy has a strong demand for distribution management. Thanks to oSuper, Lancy was finally able to meet its need for efficient point-to-point business center logistics services. In addition, oSuper created an exclusive logistics solution for Lancy’s store distribution which helped optimize the company’s overall business center distribution process in three main aspects: distribution method, distribution frequency, and distribution timing. At the same time, Lancy signed up for complete transport coverage through One-Insurance to safeguard its cargo and eliminate delivery risks, ensuring every detail of the entire transport process would be accounted for and protected.

Solving Distribution Pain Points

As business growth accelerated, Lancy found itself requiring more frequent and demanding cargo delivery between stores; in particular, the demand of stores in larger cities created an especially demanding transport network, and handling express delivery logistics in the cities became increasingly difficult. Eventually, the company realized that its stores were facing serious distribution issues in terms of management and punctuality. For instance, numerous express delivery requests had to be processed throughout the day, resulting in a highly complex logistical situation and convoluted transport network. This in turn caused massive amounts of waste in terms of both transport and labor costs. Furthermore, the company’s inflated expenditures on distribution planning, logistics communication, and financial review had become a huge burden for Lancy. The chaotic logistics dispatch management system of the traditional logistics delivery method included staff pick-up, advance payment reimbursement, and express deliveries, oftentimes taking 2 to 3 days. The modern logistics concept of “same-day delivery” seemed like an unattainable dream.

But thanks to oSuper, this was a dream that finally came true! The system automatically creates a dispatch order and sends a notification to the delivery company, allowing stores to place orders and schedule pick-ups at any time. The system handles invoices electronically and verifies completed tasks including pick-up and delivery, thereby improving efficiency and reducing material waste. The distribution system also offers massive benefits in terms of speed, reducing the original dispatch time from an average of 2 to 3 days down to 0 to 2 days. Achieving true same-day and next-day delivery represented a huge breakthrough for Lancy, which had been dealing with numerous distribution issues for years.

Creating Value Through Synergy

As is the case for many shippers, Lancy faced many unforeseeable risks in the transport process due to the different scopes of insurance policies and delivery liabilities of each party in the transport ecosystem. Meanwhile, the insurance process required a massive amount of manpower to handle manual tasks and a tedious claims process, casting doubts over the actual effectiveness of its transport insurance. The insurance company, on the other hand, also had to deal with many irritating issues. Large numbers of small insurance policies are difficult for insurance companies to handle online and also make it difficult to define liabilities. This made the claims process even more convoluted and time-consuming. The hidden costs of theses time and labor consuming tasks are ultimately transferred to the top of the chain, inadvertently leading to higher transport costs.

The One-Insurance solution from oTMS connects several insurance companies to create synergy between insurance and transport services. A transparent and multipoint record was created for Lancy’s long-chain and multilevel transport, increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs. oTMS’s one-stop transport insurance service solution was able to completely alleviate the pain points Lancy had been facing. Each order is matched with a single policy to spread out insurance costs and security risks. The solution also features one-click insurance, an easy-to-use online claims process, total transparency, and completely standardized procedures.



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