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Bestseller, founded in Denmark in 1975, owns twelve brands including Vero Moda, Only, Vila, Object, Jack & Jones, Selected, tdk, PIECES, Exit, Name It/Newborn, PH Industries, and Phink industries. The company entered the Chinese market in 1996 and has since experienced rapid growth. As of 2017, Bestseller operates 3 distribution centers and over 8,000 stores and receives nearly 2 million trunk line orders annually, and over 1.8 million purchase orders through e-Commerce operators on Singles’ Day alone.

Bestseller began working with oTMS in 2013, enabling the company to effectively keep logistics costs under control while undergoing rapid development and continuous expansion. Prior to using oTMS SaaS services, Bestseller was only able to manage with its own top-level logistics company and was unable to reach secondary levels or “nerve endings” such as truck drivers. After incorporating SaaS services into the company’s operations, the consignees of Bestseller’s top-level carriers, secondary subcarriers, its dozens of logistics centers, and the thousands of its stores were integrated into a comprehensive network through the oTMS SaaS platform. Each order has end-to-end transparency which shows accurate status updates, allowing logistics issues to be instantly identified and rectified in a timely manner.

Learning from Bestseller: How a Large Enterprise Handles Logistics Management

The rapid development of fast fashion and e-commerce has imposed higher demands on the logistics management information systems of fashion companies. As a result of massive business volume and managing numerous warehouses and store locations, the following issues were encountered for the entire transport system:

Externally: Various challenges made it difficult to effectively manage carriers and low-level subcarriers.

1. Company’s massive business volume and 8,000 stores located throughout China, the company required numerous carriers to cover large areas, causing a scattered distribution of carriers.
2. All tasks had to be completed and confirmed by paper, leading to frequent losses of information and making it very difficult to adequately manage downstream carriers.
3. The shipper was unable to acquire actual data needed to effectively evaluate the carriers’ performance.

Internally: An overly traditional management method made it impossible to send data instantaneously, leading to inefficiencies.

1. All orders had to be tracked and recorded via email, phone calls, and written accounts. This burdensome amount of work on employees made it difficult to guarantee 100% accuracy.
2. No approval procedures were in place for the order-taking system.
3. The lack of real-time cargo information led to even more inefficiencies and management issues.
4. The existing ERP system was unable to meet the high efficiency requirements due to its poor level of support for logistics management and completely lacked automated functionality.

By fully integrating with Bestseller’s ESB, oTMS achieved complete data migration between Bestseller’s SAP and POS systems and delivered a unified management platform for B2B, B2C, and O2O transport, enabling downstream carriers to be centrally managed through the oTMS platform. The end-to-end visual platform features order-based tracking management and improves satisfaction when handling logistics management.

For B2B business orders: The oTMS transport management SaaS platform allows various transport services to be managed, such as warehouse storage and transfers of company purchases, deliveries for 8,000 self-owned stores, store returns, and more — underscoring the platforms ability to deliver full coverage services.

For B2C and O2O business orders: The oTMS open platform is interconnected with 7 express carriers and a portion of O2O logistics company systems to deliver automatic shipment dispatch for express orders. In addition, the platform offers universal tracking, exception reporting, universal clearing functions, as well as support for processing and tracking massive amounts of Singles’ Day orders.

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