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oTMS and JDA Collaborate to Help Customers Achieve a Seamless Supply Chain

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October 9, 2016 —— The one-stop transportation service platform, oTMS, and JDA, the leading provider of end-to-end, integrated retail, omni-channel and supply chain planning and execution solutions, have announced a collaboration to integrate the oTMS solution within the JDA Transportation Management platform to enable customers to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Currently, transportation challenges are unprecedented in the transformation journey to Internet+ by brick-and-mortar retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers. The traditional single B2B channel has evolved into the current complicated and flat coexistence of multiple channels, such as B2C and O2O. The fragmentation of transportation orders means increased pressure for efficiency and cost management, which requires not only efficient management tools, but also a resources platform for the visibility of transportation processes and integration and alignment with the whole supply chain.

oTMS’ SaaS solution platform will integrate with JDA Transportation Planner, JDA Transportation Modeler, and JDA Transportation Manager to enable cutting-edge advantages at both the planning and operational level for better transportation visibility and performance.

“This collaboration will drive seamless integration of customers’ internal SCM system and external transportation management system,” commented Duan Yan, co-founder and COO of oTMS, “This is a big step toward a true one-stop, end-to-end supply chain management. JDA and oTMS will work together to promote innovations in enterprise supply chain management, focus on achieving real and comprehensive results in the supply chain management, and help our customers become more adaptable to the requirements of this ‘Internet+’ age.”

Having distinct Internet+ genes, oTMS’s biggest strength is connecting the whole chain of internal logistics and external transportation and achieving coordinated management. oTMS uses “SaaS+ Mobile App” to connect each stakeholder in the transportation chain and then establish vertical and horizontal coordination. oTMS’s omni-channel transportation management solutions have been widely used by more than 400 customers in retail, consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries.  JDA offers end-to-end solutions from supply chain planning, retail planning, store operations, category management, to transportation and warehouse management for manufacturers, retailers, and 3PLs.  

“In the age of Internet+, the time is now for Chinese companies to transform their logistics and transportation processes. JDA and oTMS collectively understand the Chinese market’s  logistics trends and challenges and the importance of omni-channel ,” said Amit Bagga, Regional Vice President of APAC, JDA, “This collaboration with oTMS will leverage our robust transportation management solutions which complement oTMS’s strengths in transportation execution, thus achieving the full spectrum of seamless management from front-end planning optimization to back-end execution track & trace, and improving the overall supply chain performance and value for the customers.”