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Former C.H. Robinson TMC APAC GM Joins oTMS oTMS Accelerates Evolution to Ecosystem

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Adam Davis, former General Manager of C.H. Robinson TMC (APAC), announced on January 6, 2017 that he would join oTMS, which will celebrate its fourth anniversary this year. Adam will be the VP of Managed Services in oTMS, overseeing its Managed Services which consists of three parts: SaaS TMS, Transportation Process Management and Consulting Services. Different from the traditional forms of transportation outsourcing, Managed Services is a type of management outsourcing based on TMS that helps clients maximize the value of SaaS TMS, implement Process Management, and continuously improve the transportation performance with professional tools and Data Mining. In this area, TMC, as the core department of CH Robinson serving its key accounts, is one of the leaders in the world.

As for the scope of Managed Services, clients are responsible for carrier selection, price negotiation, and contract signing, while outsourcing the management of the whole transportation process to TMS. This includes order creation, data cleansing/verification, order assignment, in-transit tracking, exception management, and bill reconciliation.

Adam joined C.H. Robinson in 2000, and had held various management positions for 16 years in different functions; involving Business Development, Operational Management, and Strategic Accounts Management. Since August 2010, Adam had been the General Manager of TMC Asia Pacific, of which 5 of those years were spent in Shanghai where he was responsible for the business development and accounts management in APAC, and aligning TMC’s Global Service with management of C.H. Robinson’s North America, Europe and South America divisions.

Based on the 16-year experience in C.H. Robinson, Adam believes: “As the middle class continues to grow in China and throughout Asia their demand for goods will increase at an exponential rate. This will challenge companies to be more efficient in all aspects of their business in order to stay relevant in a hyper-competitive market place, and especially so within their supply chains. A best practice that the best-in-class companies are leveraging is the implementation of a TMS. The implementation of a TMS allows a shipper to execute their transportation processes with greater automation and efficiency, which results in increased hard and soft savings. To take these savings to the next level many shippers are procuring managed services from a third-party to execute their transportation processes, which allows them to have an increased core focus on their business. For many companies implementing a TMS plus managed services is the ideal solution to achieve their supply chain goals and to ensure their network is optimized and as efficient as possible.”

When commenting on his decision to join oTMS, instead of seeking other opportunities, Adam said: “As the demand for TMS solutions continues to grow in China, oTMS has quickly become a market leader since their inception in 2011 and I am very excited to join their leadership team. The entrepreneurial culture led by Mirek and David with a focus on the customer and creating a best-in-class product is what really attracted me to oTMS. The great growth of the company over the past five years has been very impressive and I look forward to working with the rest of the leadership team to continue this trend.”

The joining of Adam is an important step for oTMS in improving its new ecosystem. Several days ago, oTMS announced launching its first product in Managed Services – Transport Control Tower which follows closely recent product launches like oSuper, RFQ platform, Insurance, and Finance. This Managed Services product focuses on maximizing the clients’ benefits for internal use, while helping them strengthen the process control, and using all kinds of data to machieve continuous optimization.

So far, all the products for oTMS’ new ecosystem have all been unveiled:

1.Omni-Channel TMS

2.oSuper: the logistic solution for Municipal Commercial Circle, to connect the seller in the upstream and to empower the courier/o2o distributor in the downstream

3.E-RFQ: the online bidding platform, offering better experience in powerful bidding tools, high quality resources, and in-depth intuitive data tools

4.Insurance: insurance for the whole process of the transportation, to offer an guarantee for different stakeholder in this supply train, and say bye-bye to duplicate insurance

5.Finance: quick loans for maximizing the value of corporate data, enabling digital credit and stabilizing the clients’ capital chain

6.Transportation Control Tower: Business Process Outsourcing

Moreover, while these products can work together as a whole to bring synergy, they can also be used independently and connected to each other later on. For Example, BESTSELLER (绫致时装), LiNing, and Toredo have been longtime users of Otms before onboarding oSuper, while Balabala adopted oSuper first before moving to SaaS TMS fulltime. Likewise, YIHAI KERRY (益海嘉里) and Whaley (微鲸电视) were powerusers of oTMS SaaS before opting for RFQ platform, while Goodbaby implements RFQ platform first and then connected to SaaS TMS.  This phenomenon is more typical in insurance products, as we can see that the value of policy for merchandise from contracted enterprises, has exceed 5 billion RMB just in a few weeks after its launch, and most of these enterprises are user of SaaS TMS.

This forms a continuously improving ecosystem for oTMS, just like a well-managed shopping center which offers diverse features to attract consumers; including restaurants, fashion retailers, toys stores, bookshops and etc. In turn, these various shoppers come together and become connected and synergized.