Manage Shipments

1. Order Intake

Flexible order intake channels. Intake all your orders from multiple upstream systems & sources.
oTMS APIs support automatic order intake via EDI, XML, FTP etc and we have pre-integration with all leading ERP, TMS, WMS and OMS providers.

With a small volume you can simply upload orders via XLS templates or enter them directly into oTMS.
All orders are geotagged by Baidu map APIs.

2. Order Consolidation & Shipment Dispatch

Flexible order consolidation into shipments.
Automatic shipment dispatch via e-contract rules, multi-layer dispatch support through carriers to driver
Dynamic dispatch rules incl. lowest cost, lowest leadtime, custom criteria, default carriers by lane/area and manual allocation incl. spot bidding.

Carriers get fee oneTMS account or they can use openAPI to push to their systems
No touch process. Eliminate duplicate data entry and errors as shippers & carriers can reduce their admin cost.

3. Shipment Pickup

Shipment notification is pushed both to your dock staff desktop or a mobile and driver.  They access the same shipment info via HTML page, wechat or oTMS mobile apps.
Shipper can see be notified by approaching truck and check location, as well as confirm appointment via optional Dock Appointment module*.

Flexible geofencing will record truck arrival time, waiting time and loading time to improve the operation efficiency.
Both parties can report exceptions such as damage, loss, rejection, delay and shipment cancellation with  reason codes.
Pickup can be confirmed either by either side or jointly using paperless handshake.

4. Shipment Track &Trace

Automatically capture shipment status in the real time, acquire real operations data magnitude faster, simply through digitizing daily workflow of a driver.
Driver APP will capture shipment status and location via smartphone GPS and through truck GPS (where available).
Visualized via Baidu map and shipment lifecycle timeline, that can be shared via QR code – wechat, URL, SMS.

Proactive alerts about potential delays.
In-transit events including pictures can be uploaded and viewed.

5. Shipment Delivery

Delivery notification can be pushed to consignee – on SLA delay (exceptions) or on reaching the geofence to prepare for goods received.
ePOD (electronic Proof of Delivery) is instantly uploaded by either party mobile APP, wechat or by paperless handshake.
oTMS ePOD & handshake contains geotagged location, time & identity of the driver & receiver and can shorten order to cash cycle.

Exception management allows both sides to record damage, loss, rejection with reason codes, pictures.
Exceptions can be reported either on  transport unit or even SKU level, if available on shipment.
Delivery experience can be rated by receiver – including driver performance.
Instant exception response – same version of the truth for everyone.


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