Transport Control Tower (TCT)
- Maximizing the value of OneTMS

Maximizing value of OneTMS

While equipped with powerful TMS systems, many companies encounter challenges with return on investment (ROI) that arises from the absence of a skilled logistics management teams and the lack of knowledge for process optimization. The oTMS Transportation Control Tower (TCT) solution is designed specifically to solve these problems. It provides skilled and experienced logistics management professionals that work with shippers on design, implementation, management, and ongoing optimization of the transportation processes. This solution maximizes the value and ROI of oTMS’ One-TMS for shippers and optimizes costs while improving KPI performance. Clients maintain ownership for the core strategy with their carriers such as selection, price negotiation, and contract signing. Management of the entire transport process can be outsourced to simplify the daily routines.

Why choose TCT?

More extensive logistics experience

Better trained professionals

Faster ROI

Consulting and managing flexible deployment

Strategic Control

Full Visualization


Transport Control Tower (TCT) — Helps you comprehensively manage transportation processes

  • Order Management
  • Shipment Planning
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Exception Management
  • Carrier Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Claims Management
  • Shipping Cost Management
  • Performance Management

Logistics Management Consulting — Helps you achieve supply chain optimization

Supply Chain Engineering

  • Analytics and Data Mining
  • Supply Chain Design
  • Procurement
  • Transportation Analysis
  • Carrier Management


  • Implementation
  • Process Engineering
  • System Integration

Operational Excellence

  • Process Improvement
  • Automation


It has been proven that with TCT services, we can provide customized solutions that effectively improve KPI performance and make transport processes more efficient. We also provide business intelligence and reporting that improve visibility and drive continuous improvement. Our teams of operations and management professionals collaborate with the shipper on the analysis of costs and KPI performance data. The teams will then proceed to devise systematic savings and performance optimization plans, which will ensure continuing improvement of the entire supply chain.
The oTMS TCT solution can be customized to suit shippers of all sizes in all industries. It helps shippers to focus on their core competencies and strategic plans, leaving daily transportation execution and management routines to be handled by TCT. Shippers will have immediate access to experienced logistics experts that they can leverage to create optimized operations and managmenet strategies. Our TCT team consists of supply chain experts that create solutions to improve visibility, create more efficient processes and identifying cost saving opportunities. Our teams also maintain strong relationships with the shipper’s contracted carriers to ensure operational excellence as well as successful KPI implementation and performance management to create maximum business value for our clients.

How to get started

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