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Company Industry Area Deadline Details
京东2017年西北区逆向处置中心物流外包项目招标 零售分销 西北 2017.09.08 Apply
独家|某大型服装经销商物流资源储备 时尚快消行业 全国 2017.09.08 Apply
康师傅百饮浓缩液运输招标 消费品 全国 2017.09.08 Apply
海亮股份有限公司下属各公司物流运输项目招标 化工制造 全国 2017.09.30 Apply
立邦涂料(湖北)有限公司公路运输招标 耐用消费品 华中 2017.09.18 Apply
北京市内小型冷藏车配送招标 冷链 华北 2017.09.20 Apply
嘉兴至上海、杭州、江苏、安徽干线配送招标 高科技 华东南 2017.09.30 Apply
独家|国内某知名品牌地板配送业务招标 消费品 全国 2017.09.30 Apply


I am looking for logistics projects

Integrated access to logistics projects and suppliers

Various types of shipping projects are made available based on the carrier's operations capacity and business specialization.

Track tender progress

Notifications are promptly issued regarding tender progress and application results.

Full project support

Professional consultants including senior logistics experts from shippersas well as large-scale third parties are on hand to provide assistance.


I am looking for carriers

Post logistics project proposals
Precise matching with potential qualified carriers
Smarter assessment for carrier access
Innovative integration via cross-shipper coordination
Smart bid evaluation
One-stop logistics solutions
Our professional consultants will help you identify new logistics opportunities.

16 years of experience

14 years of experience

18 years of experience

FreightPartner Product Supervisor
6 years of work experience

oTMS Senior Solution Expert
5 years of experience


Carrier access assessment (via RFI)

Benefits for shippers
  • Release open tender notices or targeted bidding to specific carriers
  • Screen and select carriers according to business type
  • Evaluate carriers based on their operational capacity and operating conditions
  • Assess carriers through multiple evaluation templates and automatic scoring systems
Benefits for carriers
  • Access tender information and register bids
  • Participate in online tenders and procurement evaluations
  • Receive notices on tender progress and evaluations

Request For Quotation

  • Multi-round bargaining including price comparison: Estimate costs based on carrier quotes
  • Real-time auction mode
  • Spot quoting

Freight Audit and Payment

  • Billing system includes automatically-generated statements of account
  • Automatic online reconciliation
  • In-depth analysis of shipping costs and reporting functions

Cost benchmarking

  • Multi-dimensional comparison of freight rates
  • Transportation cost structure analysis and optimization
  • Industry best practices and recommendations

The Choice of Industry Leaders

What makes this product the right choice:

A more robust and reliable transport network

Build deep networks with shippers through the oTMS transportation operations management platform

More accurate project matching:

The profiles of potential carriers are matched according to the key business requirements specified by the shipper

Smarter database engine

Calculations of simulated transportation costs are made for various scenarios based on quotations from each carrier

More reliable quality and transportation capacity

Comprehensive access review mechanism covers basic qualifications, operating conditions, and operational capabilities

More comprehensive carrier evaluation system

Access a wealth of industry experience with oTMS best practices

More efficient billing and account reconciliation

Flexible billing module helps shippers and carriers reconcile accounts quickly and accurately


Goodbaby Co., Ltd.
Goodbaby Co., Ltd.
Fashion & Apparel
The Hettich Group
The Hettich Group


FreightPartner is a digital logistics platform designed to connect shippers and carriers in a way that benefits both sides. With FreightPartner, shippers can find carriers that reliably meet their business requirements, while carriers can use FreightPartner to acquire premium business matching opportunities.
Over the years, oTMS has gathered a wealth of data on numerous suppliers which has been carefully analyzed to glean information on transportation cargo damage rates, on-time delivery rates, cargo error rates, and other tangible data that help clients make more informed decisions. Moreover, we also maintain score cards for carriers. Shippers can view the scores of carriers based on certain standards as well as carrier evaluations submitted by other shippers.
Payment is not required when using FreightPartner during the preliminary matching phase with shippers. However, certain fees may be required to use advanced options such as tendering tools and billing reconciliation, benchmarking, and collaborative functionalities.
FreightPartner locates and matches suitable carriers for clients based on oTMS' proprietary software and calculation algorithms. In terms of carrier availability, oTMS has accumulated a pool of recommended carriers based on up- and downstream business network relationships to bolster the large number of carriers which have already been reviewed and approved, allowing us to fine-tune the carrier matching process according to industry and business type.
Tendering has traditionally been a lengthy and complex process, and oftentimes it could take up to 3 months to achieve tangible results. The online tender tool from oTMS features a smart analysis module which can help both sides of the tendering process obtain improved analytic tendering data and speed up the quoting process. In addition, the online format substantially reduces the time it takes to complete the tendering process — with oTMS, an entire tender can often be completed within 1 month.

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