Value-Added Modules

Express Shipments Management

oneTMS provides the most advanced and comprehensive enterprise express management solution, that covers order dispatch to express carriers, track & trace information intake,  exception pre-alert and management and finally KPI and billing management.
oneTMS has already pre-integrated with 20+ largest express companies in China, it means client only needs to integrate with oneTMS, then could directly use or switch between express companies.
oneTMS express solution is proven as  high performance, high concurrency and high stability in real practice. 3 million orders were processed and dispatched on a single day of 11/ 11/2017, up to averagely 2000 orders per min. Overall over 40 million shipments were processed on our express platform since 2014.
oTMS platform volume & digital data is attractive to express companies, so oTMS can also help clients to get very attractive terms if outsourced via our Orange platform.

Dock Appointment

Drivers & Carriers can online book pick/delivery based on dock availability, which help to enhance dock efficiency and avoid waiting for both DC staff and drivers.
DC make specific docks and time slots available for specific carriers or shipment types (inbound, outbound, returns, cargo type etc).

Drivers scan QR codes to check in upon arrival, to better manage on-time arrival, unloading and leave DC rate; Integration with GPS and RFID beacons is possible to further streamline data and efficiency at large sites.
Map based & timeslot/dock dashboards showing driver routes and dock efficiency.

Routing Optimization - Geoconcept

oneTMS provides route optimization with Geoconcept, one of global leaders in this technology, ranked high in Gartner Magic Quadrant of transport optimization tech.
Geoconcept offers China localized solution, available as SaaS subscription, pay per use, with servers located in China. Unlike all other leading solutions it requires no upfront license and implementation cost and is perfect companion to oneTMS.

Route optimization reduces costs for clients & carriers who either have captive fleets or at least pay on trip basis to fully utilize trucks and drivers, shorten the total travel distance, increase loading rate.
Users can configure flexible constraints and optimization criteria like labor cost, mile cost, fixed cost, truck types, customer shipping window, un-/loading duration, driver work/break times etc.
Geoconcept provides dashboards to overall monitor operation, truck planning and actual execution status.

Cold Chain Solution

oneTMS integrates temperature controlled shipments with mobile and fixed truck GPS sensors via open API.
Pre-Integrations with leading vendors like G7, Humpback Whale(座头鲸), Jieyi, and so on.

Shipment status: location, route and temperature can be shown on map on order level.
Temperature variation alerts beyond set tolerance level are pushed by SMS, wechat, email and in oTMS APPs.
oTMS Dashboards also include reports specifically designed for cold chain operation.

FAP - Freight Audit & Payment

Freight Audit & Payment is a common best practice in the US and among leading MNCs. Globally it is known to have 2-5% freight billing errors and variances.
It is a process that is often outsourced to specialized technology vendors to ensure that payment to carriers reflects their contractual rates and that client logistics, finance teams and carrier process this fastest, most efficient and error free way.
It provides a peace of mind for all involved parties and removes any personal accountability risk for errors. Trust the process and independent 3rd party.

In oneTMS we begin with reciprocal billing between 2 parties. However, if existing offline rate structure can’t be fully replicated FAP process starts with existing XLS carrier billing upload by either client, carrier or oTMS service team, and any variance with online billing will be highlighted and adjustments made and approved. Global FAP practice is to allow small 1-2% tolerances to minimize admin for low ROI activity.

The WHAT-IF variance reports are produced monthly, the FAP goal is that over time offline tariffs are replaced with correctly modeled online e-contracts saving everyone time & effort.
Carriers enjoy faster payment and eliminate the risk of traditional, periodical retrospective audits that may result in significant refunds. Freight cost analysis is available on different dimensions, our target is to help client identify chances for improvement and strengths. We also provide FAP outsourcing service, which can cover contract to tariff review, lane and rate structure analysis,  freight allocation, freight consulting and so on.
FAP can be also linked with payment through oTMS Fintech services.


oTMS provides a new and ultimate transport insurance solution, which is different from traditional practice that shippers buy cargo insurance while carriers buy both cargo & sometimes nascent liability insurance.
In the current, traditional practice every party buys own insurance but eventually only beneficiary owner (cargo owner) is entitled to compensation, and only if many conditions was met. Companies waste lot of money on duplicate insurance while insurers often find it hard to complete the compensation due to lack data of cargo values and overall cargo flows.
With oneTMS technology, all parties in transport chain of the same order could buy only one, single insurance based on one shipment data in oneTMS. oneInsurance is endorsed by PICC, Sunshine insurance and Huaitai insurance.

It means the insurance cost could be pre-allocated (by client-carrier agreement) and configured in oneTMS, when shipment dispatched it is covered automatically since insurance company has the necessary data.
If incidents happen they are also backed by data that help to resolve cases faster and more cost effectively. Shipper will be compensated directly. The whole process is largely online.
Incident and loss data are then used to adjust premium when necessary and any cost of premium increase can be allocated to the party that caused them.


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