- End-to-end Transport Management, Procurement and Transport Financing


oTMS Orange service incorporates SaaS TMS software, transport execution, management analysis and Fintech, covering the entire process of transport procurement, execution, payment, and data analysis. With advanced technology at its core and a foundation of platform resources as well as professional management, oTMS reduces transport costs for customers, offering better experiences and transparent data with higher commercial value. Shippers are no longer required to purchase extra software, to outsource transport services by themselves, or to invest a massive amount of effort into management and optimization. All the transport issues are embedded in oTMS Orange.

Why choose Orange?

Freight cost reduction

Instant experience improvement

Advanced data analysis

Professional talent and systematic management

No extra budget or cost for oTMS cloud-based software

Innovative model, encourages a dynamic supply chain

Key Advantages

Lower Cost

With advanced technology of oneTMS, cutting the middle men, platform collaboration, and innovative logistics Fintech, Orange guarantees delivery quality and sustainable freight cost reduction.

  • 1600+ registered carriers
  • Match right carriers with fair pricing and guarantee services
  • Enable carriers with free usage of leading SaaS technology
  • Automatic system dispatch, no need for multi-level editing of forms and emails
  • Real time position tracking saves on telephone follow-up
  • One-click online billing statements provide efficient and accurate accounting
  • Automatic online data collection and multi-dimensional analysis eliminates manual processing
  • Collaboration on the shipper's level, like round trip, combined deliveries etc.
  • Shopping mall and hypermarket based collaborative solution
  • Fintech: By reducing carrier capital pressure and cost with low interest and convenient financial choices, shippers can extend billing cycles to enlarge carriers selection and share lower transport prices.
  • Insurance: Innovative insurance with full pick-up to delivery coverage and speedy claims process, achieving direct insurance cost saving

Better experiences

The professional teams at oTMS have solid industry and project experience, adopt leading oneTMS technology, and provide reliable and systematic transport management. Our goals are to help shippers succeed, establish best practices in transport industry, with continuous improvement.

  • Carrier Certification Verification
  • Carrier Capability Assessment
  • Carrier Digitalized profile
  • Carrier Dynamic classification
  • Shared SaaS + APP technology
  • E-contract, E-signature, E-Pod, E-billing
  • Intelligent Monitor
  • Solid industry experience
  • Deep understanding of the industry
  • Professional project team
  • Responsible customer service team
  • Reliable and systematic management
  • Shared industry benchmark data
  • Help customers refine SOP
  • KPI improvement
  • Process optimization

– Automatically integrates data spread throughout various personnel, forms, and carriers

– Provide real, instant, accurate, and a “single version” data management

– Guarantee the consistence of data from transportation order to execution, KPI and billing

– Standard reports + customized reports with real commercial insights

How to get started

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