Shanghai Tongchao Logistics


Shanghai Tongchao Logistics

Client Introduction

Uni-president is one of the market leading beverage and instant noodle manufacturers with production bases all over China. Established in 2009, Shanghai Tongchao is wholly owned by Uni-president. As the Group’s logistics and shared service center in China, it is responsible for providing customized logistics services to the Group’s production bases and affiliated companies according to the characteristics of different products and logistics scale. In addition, Unity Logistics also provides logistics services in China for brands such as Starbucks, SWEET7 and 7-11.

oTMS Solution

With the concept of “innovation and progress”, Uni-president has been facing the changes and challenges of the times. With digitalization becoming the mainstream trend to promote the core competitiveness of enterprises, Tongchao Logistics has been actively deploying digital transformation and upgrading of logistics, aiming to improve management efficiency for enterprises, provide better services to customers and provide the cornerstone for sustainable development with leading thinking and business models. To provide the cornerstone for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Through this cooperation, oTMS will help Tongchao build a digital logistics management system that is transparent, visible and sustainable, covering the whole scenario of inbound, outbound and material recovery, so as to achieve rational utilization of organizational resources, improve operational efficiency and reduce operational costs.

丹麦绫致时装(Bestseller),在中国经营ONLY、Vero Moda、Selected和Jack Jones等服装品牌,业务量庞大。它于2013年1月成为服装行业吃螃蟹的人——采用中国创业公司oTMS提供的SaaS(软件即服务)服务,来管理自己的物流链条。