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SUNY Maritime College Group Visit to oTMS

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Tuesday May 23rd oTMS welcomed the college students from SUNY Maritime College, who were visiting Asia to learn both professional knowledge and practical operation on International Transportation and Trade in Asia market.

As one of the innovators in the logistics field, oTMS provides the leading Cloud-Computing Transport Management System in China. With a core product named One-TMS, which base of a SaaS platform, an integrated mobile platform of a driver APP as well as a consignee APP, and a Business Intelligence toolkit that offers customized dashboards and reports, oTMS seamlessly connects everyone from shippers to 3PLs to vendors to drivers and consignees in the entire logistics ecosystem. In addition to One-TMS, oTMS is committed to creating a new Transport Ecosystem through the consolidation of five other products dedicated in Fintech, Transaction and Transport Control Tower.

After a warm welcome, the SaaS Senior Vice President, Mr. Zhiqi Zhang, gave the group a presentation on oTMS’s history, culture, idea, and how business operates at oTMS now. Students said that the speech from Mr. Zhang was informative, with sharp perspective, and very detailed in explaining the company’s business structure.

During Q&A session, Mr. Zhang helped the group on a lot of questions raised by both faculty and students, which made the group have a deeper understanding of how the business is running in China’s market.

Innovations, intelligent designs, and better user experiences make oTMS be one of the leaders in this industry. And the team is always willing to share their experience with all different communities. “The visit to oTMS adds a lot of value to their Asia visit. We hope all goes well for oTMS in the future.” Said SUNY students. Here we sincerely wish the college students from SUNY Maritime College success in logistics in the near future.