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oTMS is recognized as “2022 JD Technology Excellent Product Capability Partner”

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November, 2022 – JD cloud city summit “JD Technology Partner Forum” officially opened in Shanghai. oTMS was invited to attend the conference, and recognized as “Excellent Product Capability Partner” because of its outstanding contributions to the promotion of smart supply chain and logistics innovation.

In the past ten years, digital technology has become more and more closely integrated with the real economy, which has become the trend and focus of China’s economic development. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from 2012 to 2021, the scale of China’s digital economy has grown from 11 trillion yuan to over 45 trillion yuan, and the proportion of the digital economy in GDP has increased from 21.6% to 39.8%.

Under this circumstances, how to promote the integration of digital technology and the real economy, accelerate the development of digital industry clusters, and make the digital economy stronger, better and bigger have become the focus of various fields. As a cloud that understands industries better, JD Cloud’s urban digital economy service system has explored lots of “unique experience” in practice.

The digitalization, precision, and coordination of the supply chain have also become a way to help enterprises reduce risks, rigid demand to reduce costs and increase efficiency. oTMS and JD Technology  have been cooperating well in promoting the digital and intelligent development of the industrial supply chain. oTMS and JD Technology have successfully landed many projects of various industries such as consumption, construction, and steel, to create a user-centered smart supply chain system for enterprises.

Officially established in 2013, oTMS always insists on innovation, technology, and improving service capabilities. To create more values for customers, oTMS opitmizes its products constantly and promotes the deep integration of digital technology and traditional economy.

The transport management system of oTMS, oneTMS, has perfect functions after ten years of optimization and update.

In general, enterprises can realize the digital management of transportation on a single, automated end-to-end shipment workflow.

For overseas transportation, oTMS has upgraded its transport management system with global air & ocean shipment tracking that extends oTMS capability from mainland to any import and export shipment flows.

For enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region, oTMS has launched an international edition of SaaS TMS that is independently deployed overseas. Based on the cloud-native architecture solution, it also fully considers the characteristics of the local market, such as time zones, maps, billing methods, etc., and provides a multilingual system that supports English and local languages.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of enterprises that have entered the stage of advanced management, oTMS launched Dock Scheduling System. Carriers/drivers can make an appointment for the warehouse dock and time in advance according to the warehouse arrival/pick-up requirements. Enterprises can realize on-site numbers calling, and real-time visibility of trucks via DSS as well. This system enhances the planning of warehouse operations and improves the utilization of warehouse capacity.

This award confirms the strong product delivery capabilities of oTMS. In the future, oTMS will continue to insist on  innovation, improve technology and optimize products to meet the needs of the industry’s digital transformation. oTMS looks forward to working with enterprises in various industries to make contributes to the development of the industry.