Transport Weekly | No changes, no risks ?

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Every technological innovation must be based on demand of optimization. However, the famous new technology adoption curve tells us that early adopters only accounted for 13.5% of the total, and the early public only accounted for 35%. Most people will adopt a wait-and-see attitude until they are forced to make changes. Rejecting change is ostensibly circumventing the risks, while at the same time giving up the tremendous power that change can bring.

( pic: new technology adoption curve )

Since our products were officially launched in 2013, more and more forward-looking companies have joined us, and the entire SaaS market has become more mature. Of course, in this process, we also encountered a lot of resistance. Today, those early adopters have achieved breakthroughs in all aspects, not only in logistics and transportation management, but also in the forefront of the industry in all aspects of business operations. It’s their attitude of embracing new technologies that determines this.

If you haven’t kept up with the speed, the brave first step is imminent!