oTMS Transport Control Tower (TCT): A one-stop transport process management solution in the new transport ecosystem

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Rapid economic development in recent years has turned logistics into an enormous space of increasing significance for the survival and development of modern corporations, with best-in-class companies placing progressively greater emphasis on transportation management. In the eyes of one senior logistics expert, “The reinforcement of an enterprise’s logistics is not only a long term strategy for cost reduction and improved service, but can also be an effective means to increase profits. Optimized transportation management is key in order to meet customer demand as well as to drive grow to take more market share from one’s competitors.” Therefore, a company must refine its logistics management to truly discover the “third profit source”. This view has grown to be shared among many corporations and supply chain leaders.

For this reason, logistics businesses are facing a new round of opportunities and challenges. The progress of the Internet or Things (IoT) is also propelling traditional logistics toward “smart logistics”. As “China’s leading logistics transport management platform service provider”, oTMS has been a leader in the “smart logistics” revolution and has dedicated itself to providing transportation management technology that is fully mobile and is a one-stop solution for shippers. oTMS’ OneTMS platform serves the complex needs of online and offline shippers with its “SaaS TMS + market place” model that drives them towards better and stronger informatization of their supply chains while delivering a brand new logistics management experience.

oTMS has more than 1,500 clients from shippers and logistics companies and managed over 32 million orders in 2016 and over 26 million orders in first half of 2017. While many shippers are able to realize the full value from oTMS’ technology, some shippers continue to have challenges due to the lack of headcounts or necessary skills or training to fully leverage the TMS technology to optimize, execute, and manage their transport processes.

To address these issues and to help shippers maximize the value of the OneTMS platform, oTMS has launched the Transport Control Tower (TCT) service offering. TCT provides our shipper clients a professional logistics management team that works with them on the design, implementation, execution, management, and ongoing optimization of the transportation processes and work flows. With the TCT solution, the client can maintain ownership for carrier selection, price negotiation, and contract ownership, while their dedicated TCT account operations team executes the day-to-day shipment management processes.

The oTMS TCT solution is a one-stop, comprehensive transport management service that offers shippers order management, shipment planning, appointment scheduling, exception management, carrier management, supplier management, freight audit & billing, and KPI performance management among many other services. The TCT solution is customizable for shippers of any industry and scale. Since its release earlier this year, TCT has garnered substantial interest by numerous shippers due to its core advantages, including immediate access to professional logistics talent and experience, faster return on investment, flexible access to consulting and strategic management, and increased supply chain visibility.

“By implementing the oTMS TCT solution, a shipper can focus on strategic planning and their core competencies, while TCT handles all the tactical daily logistics routines. oTMS’ dedicated TCT account team of supply chain experts will work with a shipper to construct a customized transport management strategy that creates more transparent and efficient processes, identified cost savings, increased productivity, higher quality carrier relationships, and improve KPI performance, all while maximizing overall business value.”, said Adam Davis, oTMS VP of Managed Services.

oTMS offers China’s most advanced SaaS transport management system – OneTMS – and is committed to creating the new transport ecosystem to Make Transport Easy for small to medium sized shippers as well Fortune 500 companies alike. In addition to TCT, the brand new connected, digitized, data-driven transport ecosystem consists of four other products: oSuper, FreightPartner, One-Insurance, and EarlyPay.

“oTMS has always been and will continue to be dedicated to exploring the advantages in Logistics + Internet efficiency, convenience, and sharing, and applying those advantages to improve the traditional ways of transport management. oTMS’s Transport Control Tower solution is the result of the ongoing exploration of how to modernize the approach to efficient transport management that many shippers expect today.”, said David Duan, oTMS co-founder and President. As oTMS continues to drive their core strategy of creating the new transport ecosystem, TCT will play a key role along with the other oTMS products and services.