-Supply Chain Financing Solution

In China logistics market, payment terms has great influence on freight cost. Over 80% of trucks are owned by drivers, who demand prepayment or payment on delivery at latest . Thus it's common practice for carriers to take loans. But unlike traditional loans using pledge or guarantee as collateral, oTMS Fintech connects both the demander (such as carrier) and funder, uses verified shipments, with data created by multiple parties as proof of valid receivable freight.
Funders love oTMS data-driven credit enhancement and use shipper credit rating to extend funding to wider carrier base, which previously was underserved.

Delivery Financing

Carriers can receive up to 30%-60% freight fee of the shipment upon qualified delivery, which can be custom-defined as made within specific leadtime/timeframe within specific geofence, in addition can be with ePOD or handshake (consignee confirmation).

Carriers have more choices on getting paid than ever before, and system adoption is promoted at no extra cost!

Billing Financing

The interest rate is usually more preferential than delivery financing, due to lower risk & less admin.Carriers can receive up to 60%-80% freight fee earlier from funder upon online billing confirmed by shipper.

The period of VAT invoice issuance can be avoided in this scenario; depending on the internal process between shipper and carriers, it could take more than just a few days.

VAT Financing

Finally, carriers can receive freight up to 100% of confirmed VAT fapiao earlier from funder upon shipper’s confirmation on VAT.

The uniqueness of oTMS FinTech is that the ultimate repayment will come directly from shipper and all shipment data & payment obligation is generated and confirmed by shipper. Thus the counter-party risk for funders is switched from carriers to shipper, whose credit rating is usually much higher.


  • Extend Carrier CHOICES, thus possible to cut the middleman
  • Improve ePOD return rate, shorten RISK window
  • Improve END-USER ADOPTION and data authenticity & completeness
  • Possible savings when existing carriers offer discount based on FinTech


  • Reduce funding pressure & cost to adapt shipper's long payment term
  • Convinient & lower interest rate to get funding when needed
  • Able to pay sub-contractors early to get better price
  • Grow business faster by reducing net working capital required

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Possible savings when existing carriers offer discount based on FinTech

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