- Financial solutions for supply chains

Financial Solutions for Supply Chains

oTMS offers a series of financial products for supply chains that integrate big data analytics, information transparency, and complete process management. The supply of logistics evaluation details helps financial institutions review and approve loans more efficiently, thereby reducing the credit risk in logistics. These products effectively eliminate pain points such as a lack of financing sources, slow financing approval, and high interest rates and instead offer zero-barrier loans, fast approval, fast payment, and interest rates that are 30% or more below market rates! oTMS also offers cash flow protection for logistics suppliers and carriers. The launch of financial products by oTMS heralds the arrival of the data intelligence era, injects new energy into the push for financial reform, and is paving the way for future progress and development in the logistics industry.


Loans Based on Freight Accounts Receivable

Basic lending criteria: Streamlined process for oTMS OneTMS users who apply with freight accounts receivable.
Lending process: A loan agreement is signed prior to approval, and the borrower is required to make an application each time access to credit is needed.
Requirements for freight accounts payable: Shippers or third-party logistics suppliers with a proven business track record.
Timeframe for approval: Funds are disbursed within one week after the application is completed.
Loan term: 1, 3, or 6 months, Interest rate: 12% to 15% p.a., with monthly interest rates as low as 1.2%

Flexible payment plans and revolving credit options
Fast approval and same-day deposit available
Accounts receivable factoring


Credit-Based Loans

Basic eligibility criteria: A potential borrower must be able to prove continuous business operations for more than one year; the company’s actual controller must have more than two years of industry experience.
Loan term: 1, 2, 3, or 6 months.
Interest rate: Annual interest rates start as low as 15%.
Repayment method: Subject to a front-end load; principal is repaid in fixed monthly payments.

Revolving lines of credit available subject to approval
Flexible payment plans and revolving credit options
Fast approval and same-day deposit available


Yunfeibao offers loans based on accounts receivable factoring, while Kuaiyidai offers credit-based loans.

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