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Jzez100.com is dedicated to rebuilding the home décor industry chain, realizing F2C (factory to customer) product distribution, and creating a one-stop online home décor shopping experience. Some of Jzez100.com’s major achievements include contributing to Tmall’s single-day revenue of more than ¥200 million on Singles’ Day 2015 as well as being a pioneer of the home décor O2O model, the first to define home décor products as “packages”, Alibaba’s first O2O home décor strategic partner, and receiving ¥150 million in funding through Series A round financing during a low-funding period. At present, Jzez100.com also operates brick-and-mortar locations in more than 400 cities across 30 provinces in China. This number is set to break 1,000 cities this year, setting the company up to achieve its goal of “making billions in a thousand cities” next year.



Jzez100.com Makes it Easy to Find Affordable Home Décor

Explosive growth in the number of transactions handled by the company also led to greater strains on its logistics operations. The company’s original internal ERP software could no longer keep up with the demands of the growing business. Meanwhile, consumer demands in terms of logistics services were growing by the day. As a leading company in the home décor industry, Jzez100.com realized that the quality of logistics services has a huge impact on the experiences of its customers, making it a key step in business development.

The “SaaS + App” model pioneered by oTMS enables Jzez100.com to monitor in-transit information for its products. The logistics tracking system offers logistics transport chain visualization, greater efficiency, tracking, and exception reporting for orders. The solution from oTMS is also beneficial to delivery hubs and terminal stations in terms of enabling timely rectification of problems encountered in-transit and estimating product readiness times for delivery scheduling. Furthermore, the system’s KPI review functionality has significantly enhanced the company’s ability to manage carriers.

By incorporating a solution from oTMS, Jzez100.com has taken a major step forward towards achieving informatization. By achieving exponential growth in logistics efficiency, the company is able to exercise more efficient control over transport and time costs.

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