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China's largest logistics company specialized in the paper industry

Complete security during the entire shipping process

oTMS insurance utilized an innovative approach to resolve numerous pain points in our supply chain security

Deputy General Manager

Guangdong Chengtong Logistics Co., Ltd. is a China Logistics Co., Ltd. holding company under the China Chengtong Group. Chengtong is an integrated logistics company that offers road transportation, storage delivery, factory logistics, financing logistics, rail freight transport, and sea transport.

The company positions itself as an “integrated logistics service provider” and has a mission to “become the most professional logistics service provider and the best logistics operator”. Chengtong offers total logistics solutions to domestic and international clients in fields such as paper, wine, home appliances, machinery, power supply, chemical engineering, fast-moving consumer goods, and financing logistics.

Chengtong Logistics uses the oTMS omni-channel transport management platform for total transparency and improved transport efficiency. The system helped the company improve its level of service and market competitiveness. In addition, Chengtong Logistics chose One-Insurance from oTMS, which features full integration with insurance companies and offers one-click insurance and online claims processes. The system’s unified information flow clearly defines all relevant authorities, obligations, and rights of each party, resulting in a greatly improved security system for Chengtong Logistics.

'Internet Plus'-driven Logistics Boosts Competitiveness

Chengtong Logistics uses the oTMS omni-channel transport management platform to seamlessly connect clients such Guanhao Paper and Hongta Paper with transport companies, drivers, and even final consignees into a mutually beneficial online ecosystem operating with a core process. The operation has total transparency, management simplicity, KPI data, and comprehensive improvement in terms of efficiency. A web-based TMS effectively links the customer and the supplier for an overall service improvement, a smarter and more digitized management, which greatly improves the company’s market competitiveness.

One-Insurance Protects Chengtong Logistics

Prior to using One-Insurance, Chengtong Logistics was still insured by traditional methods requiring exclusive management by assigned personnel, an approach which consumed a massive amount of labor and resources and made it more difficult to handle search and control processes. oTMS One-Insurance is the solution to insurance inefficiencies and management headaches. An insurance policy through oTMS directly integrates the insurance company’s system with oTMS, delivering one-click purchasing and a simple online claims process. oTMS also adopts total management transparency, allowing companies to look up order information, policies, and events at any time.

oTMS One-Insurance protects the rights of Chengtong Logistics’ upstream shippers and downstream carriers and drivers. Moreover, as an order-based insurance system, One-Insurance covers all parties involved. With the whole transport chain fully covered, transport risk is comprehensively and effectively controlled. The order-based purchase assigns a unique order number corresponding to each order. When an order is placed using the solution from oTMS, an insurance policy is automatically created which is easily traceable. This is a true web-based insurance process which mitigates the complex process of manual insurance enrollment, greatly improving productivity. Chengtong Logistics is insured on the oTMS platform, which provides unified information flow, clearly shows the relevant authorities, obligations, and rights of each party to the transaction, and improves the security system of Chengtong Logistics.

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